Does she look like Brent?

21 October 2008

I see a likeness......what do you think?

Here are a few shots of Brent.... unfortunatly I didnt have any close ups at the exact same age....but here is Brent at 6 weeks......
...then at 10 weeks.....
...and this one said 22 weeks.....but Im thinking that might be wrong...he doesnt look that old to me..... is Bubba-lugs...Anna-Bella.... at almost 4 weeks...

I know Im biased.... but I think she's pretty cute...


  1. She is very much like her dad...very she smiling and focusing with her eyes yet? Brent and Alex are so lucky that she is such a good baby...luv and hugs

  2. She is very cute Mardi and I think her eyes are just like Brents...
    Cherie xx

  3. She is just beautiful!! can't wait to see you scrap those pics!

  4. She is just beautiful Mardi. Grandmothers are allowed to be biased.

    I think she does look like Brent.

  5. I think her eyes are like Brents too... she is very the 3rd pic what a cheeky face..and the 5th is lovely

  6. Anonymous8:58 am

    She is dang cute Mardi! I love the smily photo of her. Just adorable. Im guessing your camera has done overtime since you have had visitors. Have an awesome time at the retreat!! (do you think i could sneek into your suitcase pretty please??!!)

    Lisa xx

  7. Am not sure if she looks like Brent..but she is so precious!!! Just goregous!!!

  8. Mardi - NO MORE CUTE BABY PICS. PLEASE! I am getting way too

    Both beautiful babies and very similar too!


  9. yep! she does! her eyes!
    LOVE her cupid shape lip so cute

  10. your allowed to be bias your nan

    but i think she is pretty cute hehe

  11. Anonymous9:51 am

    Well I think she is cuteness supreme!! :0)

  12. just a wee bit of a resemblance there miss mardi! lovely chatting with u tonight! Tatum xx


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