Late notice....

31 October 2008

yes I know....its late notice....


if you are free tonight and feel like scrapping

if you want some challenges

want a chance to win some prizes

and also raise some funds to help fight womens cancer.... then please check out the 'Girls night in' ..... This is what Maria had to say at the Boxx.....

"Join us online for a Cybercrop with loads of prizes and giveaways!!

Not a man in sight. Check. Toilet seat down. Check. Girl anthems on the stereo. Check. Let the countdown begin. The girls are coming! We have a simultaneous Online and IRL crop night ! Join us for Girls Night In this October and besides having a great night in with your girlfriends you will feel great knowing that you are playing an important role in the quest to defeat women's cancer. This is how it works - We will be having a CyberCrop commencing at 6.00pm on October 31st - Entry to the crop is via donation - and it's up to you the amount you would like to donate - 100% of the funds raised will be going to the Cancer Council.All donations over $2.00 are tax deductable"

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  1. Ahhh poop - sorry I couldnt make it! Had a crop on Friday night (got my first heritage page done, come visit me if ya got a sec!).

    Hope it all went well!