..just before I go....

22 October 2008

...I had to share some of these..... "perms" ...

you see...Kim designed a new class..... a fabulous 'do you remember ' class.... which showcases some of those long and forgotten photos.....and I think the real 'shining star' to come from this class.....is the stunning 8o's perm.
(Read what Kim has to say...here)
It seems we all had one.... and we have shared many a laugh this week as we have shared them among ourselves.....but they are too good to keep to ourselves.... so check these out...

I realise this first one is a little hard to see... but it was the perm with the short back and sides.... (I love the shoulder pad look....with the nice belt and tucked in and pleated shorts...Mmmm mmm.)
What about this nice 'Kath Day Knight' style perm.... and that gorgeous dress.... with the button earings....woo hoo....and In alookling very handsome in his pink shirt.....This one actually looks ok.... this is Jenny (Hi Jen...waves) and I at work ...this dear old lady was 103 ....and I still remember her name....
Well.....thats the extent of my perms.....I never had many...I always wanted them...but mny hair was so fine...that they would drop out very quickly.... permed one day....gone the next.
I even recall at one perm that all the bottom row of rollers dropped of into the basin with my hair still wound in them....the solution was too strong for my fine hair.... after that the only hairdresser I would allow to touch my hair was my cousin Kerry (Hi Kerry....waves to you too) ....Kerry knew exactly what my hair could handle..... and I had some very cool cuts and colours in the years after that.....

Anyway.....enough of my perm stories....Id love to see any that you have to share....so add a link if you upload any....

Well....this is my last blog post before I leave.....so have a great weekend...and Ill be back after the retreat.....woohoo!!


  1. Anonymous1:40 pm

    OMG Mardi you do bring back memories I had a couple of those.
    I Lov the Kath Day-Night one you are the spitting image of her.
    Lov Sal

  2. hi Mardi
    Love he perm photos and you know my fave is that Kath Day Night one - classic!! have a great time away - catch up when you get back

  3. LOL...Love the Kath Day Night one...just gorgeous..
    I put a perm photo on my blog too....its really bad..

    Have a blast at the retreat

    Cherie xx

  4. Hi Mardi, Love the perm photo's...I had some beauty ones too...I too remember that lady, her name was Ada Bates, I sure and she used to pick at stuff on her skin..Jen looks beautiful as always...how cute does Ian look in his pink shirt...don't tell him I said that ....LOL...
    talk soon Luv Donna :-)

  5. Anonymous11:31 pm

    I've probably missed you ... but have a wonderful weekend! Wish I was there, doing your classes and gabbing with you and other Boxxers!

  6. Anonymous11:34 pm

    P.S. Silly me didn't even mention the perms ... but I actually don't think they're too bad! They remind me of the ones my sister had. You look great!
    My hair is fine too so I hear you on that front!

  7. Anonymous9:53 am

    Ahahahahaha.... Oh sorry did I do that out loud.
    I like, uno, love your hair :D

  8. That is hilarious......the Kath Day-Night one had me laughing our loud for sure! ROTFLOL
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. No not going there....LOL
    Love the anology(sp?) of kath day knight one

  10. The perm brings back so many memories - my husband and I both had ours done for our wedding! Must seach for some photos....

  11. Hiya Mardi! Love the perms, lol. Had an awesome time at the retreat, so lovely to have met you. Hope you have a smooth trip home :)

    Ive finally added bloglines, just going through and adding everyone now - feel free to come visit me!


  12. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hi Mardi

    I remember that day, it only seems like yesterday and i remember Mrs Bates to. A real sweetie.

    Love Jenny Brown

  13. OMG mardi... i am PIMP at your perm!!!!! it's totally gorgeous girl!!!!

    thank you so much for all the fun and mushrooms at the retreat... i loved your classes and had the best time ever...was so good to see you again and i loved chatting with you... you are an inspiration to the world... mwah to you!