long weekend....

7 October 2008

It was wonderful to have Kelly and the kids visit us for the long weekend... a chance for them all to meet Anna-Bella....and for Anna-Bella to enjoy some special 'second cousin cuddles'..
Evie was smitten from minute one.......and so were the boys... here she is meeting Kurt......and Lachlan.....
I thought I had a photo of all the kids.....but I must have missed Brock ...grrr.

There was lots of fun and games....pranks and silliness in this house over the weekend.....with 5 boys all full of mischief....I had to laugh when they came home from the shops wearing these glasses.......good look Mitch......and here's Brock....looking pretty hot in his glasses.....lol
Bowling was a big hit........and so was the dodgem cars ........and Evie just loved the playground down near the lake......and more cuddles from Anna-Bella.....
So.... that was our weekend.... it was full on....loud.... and energetic....so nice to catch up with family...and enjoy each others company.... its a pity we all live so far apart.

So.... in other news...
Mum is unwell....and I'm anxiously waiting on a phone call as she was seeing the Specialist today ....waiting is the hardest..... my thoughts are with her all day .... well...they've been with her since a week ago....but even more today.

Anna-Bella has been a doll.... she feeds and sleeps and does all the right things.... Alex and Brent probably don't even realise how lucky they are...
We have decided she is the spitting image of Brent as a baby..... to compare the baby photos you wouldn't tell the difference...

Poor Alex had some sad news last night.... her dear Grandpa passed away... she was very close to him and he hadnt met Anna-Bella yet.... but Im sure he was very proud of Alex and Anna-Bella and its so nice that he knew about her before he passed.

I had my treatment in Adelaide last Thursday... and another check-up.....everything is going to plan... and Im thankful.

I had a mini celebration this morning when I realised I now fit back into my pre-chemo jeans...what a wonderful feeling....

I also had the oppurtunity to catchup and meet Dawn Stan and her family last Wednesday night....they were staying in the Riverland and Dawn emailed to let me know.....I was so thrilled to meet her and her beautiful family.
I went straight over after work....not planing on staying long....but I could have moved in and talked all night. Dawn was such a wonderful support to me when I was first diagnosed....so it was wonderful to be able to thank her for that in person.

Well thats all for me now.....Im going back to my floor pacing...


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Such lovely photos!
    I will keep your mum in my thoughts and I hope that there is good news when she finally rings.

  2. Anonymous4:07 pm

    im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

  3. Hey Mardi thinking of you i hope all will be well with your mum.And also condolences to Alex.What lovely pics you got on the weekend.Glad your chekup went well.take care Kerry xx

  4. Anonymous12:06 am

    Mardi I hope that all is well with your mum and I will keep her in my thoughts.
    Love all the family photo's.
    Glad you had a fabulous LWE.

  5. Hi Mardi, I have been thinking about your Mum and hope that the news was all good.

    It was great catching up with you last week. Wish we could have spent more time together. Dawn

  6. Hey Mardi,

    Sorry to hear about your Mum...I hope everything is all right.

    It pleases me to know that Anna-Bella is a good sleeper for Alex and Brent...both mine were shockers, and I think it's every woman's right to have a baby that sleeps well!!

    Sorry to hear about Alex's Grandpa too....that is very sad.

    Megan xx