Just while I wait...

8 October 2008

...I thought Id share some of the things I have been stitching lately....yes...Im hooked on stitching it would seem.
I LOVE my new machine... its my newest pride and joy...and the fact it is the breast cancer special edition machine seems to make it even more special to me.
Im loving the beautiful fabrics available.... the colour combos....the pure joy of cutting out and creating something so unique and useful.
Im also so fortunate to have a wonderful tutor each and every time I need it.... absolutley amazing patterns to work with....and the honour of being able to pattern test the occassional one as well !

So...what have I been creating?
Firstly this gorgeous bag created from Janelles 'Thelmas day out' pattern..... not only is there the bag pattern....it also includes beautiful belted journal covers.
Its amazing looking at these photos of Alex tonight... just thinking that Anna-Bella is tucked up in there...and we hadnt met her yet.

I had a giggle to myself at this photo too.... I hadnt realised Id captured it so perfectly...Mitch's eyes peering through the blind...Then I created some journal covers....Ive possibly shared these before.... not sure.
...and then over the long weekend I made Anna-Bella a new cot quilt as promised. Its a lovely pink girly version.....especially for her....made with love by her Grandma....eeek....still cant believe thats me..

Still no news on Mum....we are waiting....waiting....waiting on results and surgery dates.


  1. Hey Grandma...LOL
    That sounds so weird :)
    Love all the stitching you've been doing...Janelles patterns are awesome aren't they?
    The cot quilt is just beautiful and I'm sure it will be treasured for many years to come.

  2. mardi you are such a talent! anna-bella's quilt is divine and so very special too!

  3. Love all the stitching Mardi...its all just gorgeous

    Hope you get some news about your Mum soon

    Take care
    Cherie xox

  4. Mardi that bag is gorgeous!!! Love it@@

  5. Love the bag grandma and the quilt is adorable too.The diary is so sweet.take care Kerry xx

  6. love my machine too
    love the quilt
    and i hope your mum isok

  7. Look at all those gorgeous creations! I'm just working on my very first Thelma journal cover tonight... almost finished...
    I'm totally in love with that beautiful cot quilt Mardi!! So girly and gorgeous!!!

    I really hope your Mum is ok and you get some news soon...

    Sheree xx