This is what ....

9 October 2008

....the National Breast Cancer Foundation had to say about this months Scrapbooking Memories...

"Scrapbooking Memories is delighted to announce that for the October 2008 issue - Vol 10 No 7 - 10c of every copy sold at Australian newsagents will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Inside the magazine you'll find interviews, special projects and features all relating to Breast Cancer Month. Scrapbooking Memories will be the first Australian scrapbooking magazine to ever donate a percentage of sales to the NBCF.

Inside this special issue, Mardi Winen, a current Scrapbooking Memories Master who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, openly shares her moving story with readers. Also included is an article by international scrapping celebrity Melissa Frances, with emotive photos of her treatment for the disease. Scrapbooking Memories also chats with Diana Williams from the NBCF's Speakers Bureau.

Some of the readers' favourite sections have turned pink especially for this issue, so you will find pink products, sketches and layouts by Melissa Frances as well as a special and interactive competition from Bumble Bee Crafts and Melissa Frances Inc.

Even if you already subscribe, Scrapbooking Memories encourages you to please purchase a copy for your mum, sister or friend to help the National Breast Cancer Foundation, together with Scrapbooking Memories, fund research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Scrapbooking Memories is sold in over 5,000 newsagencies nationwide, major chain stores such as Spotlight, Big W, Target and K-Mart, major grocery chain stores such as Woolworths, Coles and Bi-Lo as well as independent scrapbooking stores.

Go on, do your bit for the National Breast Cancer Foundation - join Scrapbooking Memories in the quest to find a cure! "
If you were thinking of buying a magazine this month..... why not make it a Scrapbooking Memories.....every little bit helps!
It wasnt easy to contribute my story.... it was difficult to know just how much I should tell.... but in the end I decided to answer every question honestly... and as it was.... I hope it reads ok.


  1. hi mardi, I am an avid fan of yours, as have seen your LOs in SM for some time now, and then seen you as a master.I feel a slight familiarity with you and your family, as have seen so much of them in SM mag, and having 3 sons[2 of them teens] have often in the past gained some inspiration from your LOs, when it comes to boys!! I feel a little bit like a voyeur as I so often see u in SM and am an avid reader of your blog, so again I felt a slight familiarity when reading your story in SM about your battle, but just want to say, cheers and god bless!!
    also congrats on your beautiful little granddaughter!!

  2. Hey Mardi, if you happen to be in Adelaide over the next fortnight the cancer council are doing a display of canvases made by folk around SA to raise money for breast cancer. they are being displayed in the Adelaide arcade. Hopefully there will be more interest next year as this was the first year and it is something that I think a lot of scrappers/crafters would enjoy doing( I know I had fun)They are then auctioned off raise money for research. there is a pic on my blog of the girls from Naracoorte who participated if you are interested.

  3. Hi MArdi ,read your article it was really fab.I always buy sm.take care Kerry xx

  4. hi mardi

    just wanted to say i loved your article.
    you are a very strong brave woman
    and an inspiration to all!

    Kayla ReneƩ

  5. Anonymous6:53 am

    ooh- didnt know you were in it- i will go find it today :)

  6. Hey Mardi,

    I haven't bought a scrapping magazine in months....I will get this one though :-)

    Hoping you're well,
    Megan xx

  7. Hey gorgeous! Well done on sharing your story and being brave enough to open up :) You really are amazing!

    I haven't bought a mag in about 18 months but I might just have to go and get SM now :)


  8. Hi Mardi
    Mum and i bought this issue last as soon as we first saw it. It was really great to read your story...glad you shared! SBM are doing a brilliant thing.
    Love to you and the family....and Anna-Bella of course
    Lucy xxxx

  9. Hey Sweets it reads Brilliantly!
    Very honest & raw emotions that made me stop & think even more about everyday things....THANK-YOU for sharing ur journey through this tough time.

    Shine on

  10. Your article is beautiful Mardi and truly awe inspiring.
    Thanks so much for your honesty.

  11. Hi Mardi, I brought the magazine today and read you article with tears rolling down my face - you are incredibly strong and truly inspirational and I am honored to call you my best friend, you are amazing Love Donna :-)

  12. Mardi - love your work and I want to thank you for sharing your personal journey with us. You are an inspiration to us all and I wish you all the best for you and yours.

  13. Anonymous11:55 am

    I will definitely buy a copy tomorrow after work...Good on you. Love Jo

  14. Saw your name on the cover and had to buy it! You inner strength shone through the article - love the honesty.
    Take care,
    karen x

  15. Hi Mardi,

    I really enjoyed your honest insite to Brest Cancer when reading your story.

    I had the magazine delivered and went to a scrappy friends house for a cup of tea with the magazine under my arm as I entered her home, she asked me to sit, and told me that her mother in law had just been told that she had Brest Cancer, I was shocked, I sat & listened to her and was her ears for the afternoon.

    I went home not having opened the magazine, as I opened it and read it I found it ironic that Brest Cancer was the topic of SM this month.

    Your are truly a Brave Strong Woman Mardi Thank you for opening up to the readers of SM.

    Cheers, Lauren

  16. It must of taken a lot of courage to tell your story and then have it published in a magazine...I think a lot of other women with breast cancer or who know of someone fighting breast cancer would applaud your bravery. Thank you Mardi.. I for one am going to the doctors for a long overdue checkup!
    thinking of you and your beautiful family.

  17. Hi Mardi, not sure if you remember me but I grew up in Bordertown and a good friend of Heather (Ian's sister) anyway just wanted to say how your story in the magazine touched me very inspirational. Hope you keep up the great work in scrapping. Maria Cavasin