December 1st...

1 December 2008

...means its officially Christmas at our place.

So...last night (because Sunday night was convenient) I asked all the kids to gather here for the 'tree decorating and Christmas photo event of 2008'. Once everyone arrived we dug out the motley box of eclectic decorations and trimmed the tree.
We then filed out to the back lawn for some Christmas photos... (although I love our new home....I long for an established garden....we just dont have a backdrop for photos here at all!)

So our evening sounds lovely as I type it here....but in reality it wasn't that great. I wanted photos.... the girls were happy to comply....but the boys were so anti- decorating....and particularly anti-photos.
It was certainly easier when they were small..... now all I get is ..."I'm not wearing a stupid Christmas hat!" .... "hurry up and take the've got one shot!" (and yet the entire time they have this ridiculous face pulled...and I'm expected to snap a winning portrait...grrr)December 1st also means its time to begin adding to my pre-prepared Ali Edwards December Daily Album. ....I love Ali's concept...and I so wished I had created one last year.....
I have had my album finished and waiting for a few weeks now.... and have been longing to begin adding my photos and memories.

I recycled an album I began last was a kit designed by Clair Bremnar for Blue Bazaar (in case you recognise it)....I had great plans to do this last year...but then everything went pear shaped...and I never did get it Ive cut up my book.... changed the design of the front cover a little...and added in another 20 pages.
Well...that it for me today......
Have a great week.....x


  1. LOL at your gang. Is that what I have to look forward to? On a much smaller (but maybe louder) scale tho.

    I LOVE your december album. The yellow is gorgeous! That's a colour I rarely use but I love seeing other people use it.

  2. Anonymous1:25 pm

    hi Mardi- luurve your december daily album!!
    love the photo of the girls :)- those boys though.....naughty, naughty naughty!! LOL

  3. Ho Ho Ho- happy December 1st!!!
    Gorgeous photos Mardi and I love your December album!!!

    By the way- I have a little something for you on my blog!! :0)

  4. Your December Daily album looks fabulous! Mine is still a work in progress... but I did start taking my pics for it today. We've just put up our tree this afternoon and decorated the house... I love December!!!

    So frustrating sometimes getting some Xmas pics done... at least you managed a couple of good ones!

    Sheree xx

  5. Love the album. I have done one too,just hope I keep it up until Christmas.
    i can so relate to the whole 'boys not wanting their photos taken' thing. My last nice Christmas family shot of the four of them was 5 years ago, now all I get is silly faces, a refusal to wear the Santa hat, a lot of wrestling and one grumpy(either that or hystericaly giggling, neither one pretty) Mum at the end. then they turn around and complain that I don't have enough photos of them, boys hey,lol.

  6. He He He He those are classic photos of your family. Even if they aren't the perfect shot they are ones you will treasure! Im sure i got a glimps of you in Maccas?..... I wasn't sure if it was your gang It was a split second glance. I love seeing your creations Mardi they are always always amazing!!

  7. LOL Mardi...its not easier when they are smaller... my Christmas photo shoot ended up in tears...tired girls and a silly naughty boy..and a grupy mum who just wanted to get ONE good shot...

    I too am doing a december daily album..yours look lovely..

    Have a great week
    Cherie xx

  8. Lol - I see what you mean, not the most cooperative photo subjects, but at least you've captured their personality!!

    Love the album, what a great idea...I could never be that organise! I'm still kinda denying the whole Christmas thing is around the corner...