These photos are for you Dad....

4 December 2008

...I thought you might be interested in the fish at Nappers Bridge.

Just a little explanation about these photos.... due to the drought the inlet into Lake Bonney has been closed.....they built this dirt wall about 14 months ago ...which now blocks the natural flow into the lake. This was apparently a water saving measure.
So.....over the last 14 months the water level in the Lake has been dropping....and getting more and more salty....thankfully....late last week some syphon pipes were installed into chambers creek to syphon water back into the for the first time in 14 months there is fresh water flowing back into the lake...even though its too late for the mass fish deaths of two weeks ago.

This photo shows the syphon pipes...and Ill apologise now for the quality of these photos.....stupid me didn't realise I had the settings all wrong...and each and every photo was the colours aren't true...but it still tells the same story...

Once fresh water began entering the amazing thing happened.... literally thousands of carp ( a pest fish in the Murray Water system) began crowding into the fresh water.... literally throwing themselves up the pipes in an attempt to escape the lake.

It is an absolutely incredible sight to see so many of these fish...all about 30-40cm long.... swimming against the current of the water flow...trying their hardest to swim to fresh water...

These pictures shows the lake inlet....and the brown 'things' you can see in the water are the fish.... the water is swarming with them...

Professional fisherman have been called in to try and catch and eradicate them while they are an easy catch....and lots of locals have joined in as well..... it sort of makes me sad to see them 'fished' out.....but I also realise they damage the water system and are a pest.

I know there are a lot of residents of Barmera that are very relieved to see water flowing back into the Lake....its such a beautiful spot...the hub of the town...and we want it here to enjoy for many more years yet.


  1. It's really interesting to see all this, it's amazing how they have all swarmed to the fresher water. so glad they are putting some fresh water back in, sometimes things work out better if we just leave them alone in the first place. shame all the carp survived and not the murray cod.

  2. Hey there,
    its been way too long since I popped by your blog! Ive been a very slack blog visitor since blogarithm stopped!
    Really enjoyed catching up with whats been going on.
    So sad about whats going on with the lake. I guess maybe if you believe everything happens for a reason, perhaps this will get rid of all the pesky carp!
    Your little grand doughter is just adorable - I bet your all doting on her!
    Hope your well - Merry Christmas,and I hope that Anna Bella has a wonderful first Christmas.

    Nic xxx

  3. Mardi, I found this really interesting. A pity the Carp are so much stronger than the Murray Cod. A great piece to record for future generations.

  4. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Its really devastating to see just this small piece of Oz that is suffering from the drought :(
    The poor Murray cod being over-run by these damned carp. Like Nic said perhaps there can be a good side with the eradication of the destructive carp.

  5. Wow what an amazing sight that would've been! Glad they're getting the fresh water flowing again.

    Sheree xx
    ps. I've left you a little award on my blog!

  6. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Hiya Mardi, how are you chicky? Been trying to play catch up after being away. Huge congrats on the arrival of your grand daughter - she is a real little cutie patootie!! (oh - and huge apologies on the serious lateness of that congrats)
    Great to see the lake is being filled - can't believe all the carp though, it's no wonder they are such a pest, they seem to survive anything don't they.

    chat soon
    Julie xx

  7. I spent many many days at Lake Bonny as a child and the recent pictures are a shock! I moved from SA as a small child but spent many childhood holidays in the Riverland.
    I love looking at your and Belinda's blogs for a little taste of 'home'. Have a wonderful Christmas Mardi and congrats for the great result at the doctor. What a blessing!