4 1/2 months....

15 February 2009

....and still as gorgeous as ever.... Im biased I know...but everything about her is so cute....
Her little pouty lips... her eyelashes... her eyebrows....even her constant spit bubbles ....
I love that she recognises and lights up when she sees us....and I love how she has special little games she plays with each of us... how she has found her voice and loves to make noise....and how she has perfected her balance and can sit quite well for 30 seconds or so....before gracefully sliding sideways and onto her stomach.


  1. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Oh gosh, could she be any cuter? She is adorable Mardi and I love how loved she is :-)

    She is a very lucky bubby to be surrounded by people who adore her.

    Allie x

  2. Anonymous10:45 pm

    There's nothing sweeter than a gran talking about her grandchild. She's so lucky to have you Mardi.

    Love that adorable last photo - those lips!

  3. she is Beautiful !!!! you must love her to bits - I cant wait to meet her someday

  4. Oh look at at those kissable lips...oh so sweet...
    She is just beautiful Mardi...

  5. Oh look at that little mouth! She is just adorable!!! Those lips are so kissable.

  6. Ohhh those lips, just made for kisses, adorable

  7. She is just adorable Mardi, what a gorgeous little girl youve got yourselves there, she is just a doll :)

  8. Gee Mardi she is a cutie.

    Not as cute as my beautiful little man, but she is a very close 2nd LOL.