17 February 2009

I realised the newsletter is almost due again and I hadnt shared my layouts from the last one....ooops.
I was a lucky duck last month... I was sent the B.O.S and asked to play.
I must say when I first opened the box.....I wasnt a fan of these Pink Paislee papers.... I thought they were too bright for me.....but I grew to love them...and had a lot of fun creating theselayouts and mini book. (oops....little boxes with red crosses?....ok...try this....are these visable?)


  1. Bugger, I can't see the images. Just a heap of small red cross' :(

    I'm sure that it's beautiful though. I will check back to see if I can see it later.


  2. Glad its not just me :( i will be back to try and suss out these Los later too :)

  3. Me neither - but I'll check back later!

  4. I thought I was the one with the dud computer! looks like I'm not alone.

    Would love to see the LO's Mardi!

  5. me too only crosses......):

  6. Aha all fixed, lovely LO's, not too girly at all!

  7. love the bubba bella layout- that chipboard journal thingo is so cute!

  8. Now I can see 'em! Awww... such totally adorable LO's Mardi! Just beautiful!

    Sheree xx


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