More stitching fun.....

30 March 2009

Yes....I know...I have a million squillion things on my 'to-do' list....and I decide to sew a bag. But its not just any bag.....its another gorgeous porgeous Janelle Wind Collection bag.
This one is called the @home messenger bag..... and it was stacks of fun to sew!
I did adapt the pattern a little.... changing the applique to suit Briony..... but otherwise its exactly as the pattern is.
Ive already begun cutting out my second version.... and I cant wait to begin....


  1. Oh Mardi- that bag is just SO gorgeous!!!!

  2. That is just so gorgeous Mardi....

  3. Looks so good, it reminds me again to go put my sewing machine in to get repaired.

  4. nikala4:52 pm

    That bag is gorgeous. Love it. Well done mardi and great design Janelle.

  5. Anonymous9:32 pm

    wow what a bag. any gal would be proud to walk down the street with that. you are one clever chickie

  6. I like that bag... VERY VERY much!!! :-)

  7. Wowee it looks fabulous Mardi! Love the fabrics and colours!

    Sheree xx