So whats been happening?

24 March 2009

Its been so long since I recorded some 'family' events.... so here are a few recent style...

Brent..... turned 20 ..... OMGOSH!
It seems like only yesterday that he was born... the birthdays seem to have have flown by....I took a moment this morning to flip back through his photo album.... he has grown so much....but he is still the same cheeky little rascal that he always was....
So a big HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY from us mate.....xx

Mitch.....well what can I say about Mitch?
He is still loving his apprenticeship.... keeping his car clean (proud of you mate) and generally being Mitch..... including slipping over in the bowland car park on Saturday night.....skinning a large hunk of skin off his butt cheek..... must have hurt....but he just took it in his stride...

Briony has been busy with school and school commitments... as well as working two shifts a week at the deli.
I attended the School Induction assembly a few weeks ago where she was inducted as a SRC leader this year.....then she was successful in gaining a spot in the 'Youth Opportunities Leadership Program'....... next came the School Continental and all the fundraising events....that was no sooner over and it was time for Sports day where she participated in the 800m, 400m, 200m and relay.....gaining two 2nd places and a spot in the inter school squad.
Oh and she had a hair cut too...... off came all those long curly locks....all thinned out...and a fringe as well....she looks so different now... more grown up. (Yes...that's a "do you have to take my photo" face..)Anna -Bella is a doll...... she now rolling and dragging herself around the floor.....getting her knees up under herself and then up onto hands and a giant rocking push up. She has begun some cereal....and continues to be mainly breast fed. Her hair is growing now...and although its not very visible she has a good cover.... we adore her....and I'm pretty sure she loves us too...

She even loves Uncle Mitch who loves to torment and play games with her....
Alex is a great Mum.....she always has Bella looking gorgeous....and is getting out and about to Mothers group and play group too.....which is wonderful.
She's turning into a fab little cook too..... she bakes a mean cake in her 'Super Nova' oven.

We got away for a weekend and visited Ians parents at Ardrossan.....which was had been so long since we had done that....
Ians truck is in for he has been driving a really old truck for a few weeks.... his days are longer....and its been stressful with lots of he is longing for his own truck back.

And that about sums us up I think..... have a good day....Mardi x


  1. LOL Hee hee hee... check out little Anna-Bella in those glasses!! Too cute!!!
    You've certainly had a lot going on at your place lately Mardi!

    Sheree xx

  2. I loved your update Mardi!

  3. Hi Mardi, Loved the update and photo's - life just keeps on going doesn't it and before we know it our family is grown up and with families of their own - I am very proud of Brent, Alex, Mitch and Briony -they have all become beautiful young adults - Briony looks so different - I was not sure it was her - she looks lovely but as you said grown up - Bella Bub is very cute as always, Love us

  4. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Hey there Mardi,
    Love to read what you and the family have been up to. Happy 20th Brent. Love Briony's new do - it really suites her.
    Anna-Bella looks as though she's grown over night...Love that pic of her in the glasses.
    Take care
    Love Nikala.

  5. Mitch actually let you take a photo of his butt cheek, knowing you would tell us all about it and provide the photo??!! LOL. That's great!
    Loved the update and the little book covers in the last post...oh I wish I could sew...and have the time!

  6. wow..brents 20!!!! seemed like yesterday they boyz were kicking the footy on the vacant block at marion st lol.

    And look at that girl....wait a min, thats Briony!! look at her hair (well whats left of it)! she looks so much older!!!

    How cute is anna bella....cant wait to see her at easter!!

    Mitch- haha what a funny uncle, and what a nice graze on his bum lol...Mitch hasnt changed a bit lol.

    Retreat Layouts look great!!! bet u had aweosme fun! sewing also looks awesome :)

    Cant wait to catch up with u all soon :)

    Luv lucy xx

  7. are you sure that's a photo of Briony??? She does look totally different with the new haircut! Anna-Bella certainly does bear a striking resemblance to you in those glasses LOL :) Tatum xx

  8. Anonymous10:52 am

    happy birthday to brent!!

    and wow to briony's new do- i didnt recognise her either :)

    i have a new ceramic that i think you are going to love for miss anna-bella
    will show it to you when its all cooked!!

  9. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Don't they grow up just way to quickly *sigh*
    I LOL at the photo of Anna Bella in those glasses heehee - just too funny :)