23 March 2009

Ive been thoroughly enjoying some stitching time lately.... swapping my addiction for paper and products to an ever growing addiction to fabric and notions...I love that I can mix up the fabric.... just like I do with paper too.

I have to thank my dear friend Janelle...... for her fabulous ...easy to follow patterns....and for all her online coaching when the going gets tough..... like when I attempted my very first pieced table - runner..... and in hind sight it wasnt that difficult.... just a little time consuming.

This is such an adorable pattern and so versatile..... its called "Holly and Rainbows"... mine is an adaption of the original pattern.... so instead of the stitchery down the centre...I have added vintage buttons instead.Then of course.....there are more of Janelles adorable covered journals using her "Journal Secrets pattern" .....they make such beautiful gifts....and I love how they can be changed...and personalised to suit the recipient too... Like these two versions here....

Then last but not least.....this little project.....which has taken me months... literally!! ....and Ill share all about it soon..... I can say though....its a VERY special piece of stitching.... in more ways than one.


  1. It all looks GORGEOUS are very talented...
    Cherie xx

  2. Anonymous7:55 am

    How do you find the time to do scrapbooking and sewing? I love all the scrapbooking products, classes and ideas, but haven't got the time or cash flow to do both so I stick to my fabric addiction, sewing and embroidery. I do allow myself to do the Xmas card making classes at our local scrapbook shop each year and that way I get to fulfil my desire a little bit. Can't wait to see that quilt. Is it for your gorgeous grand daughter? xx Sue

  3. Hi Mardi. Your such a tallented lady, I saw some retreat photos and you look fantastic!!!! Im so at the next one. Love your table runner- great variation of Janelles. Do you think Maria will make kits of the retreat classes? Hope so - love all the photos ive seen of them!!

    xxx Lisa