Our weekend....

19 May 2009

We had a ripper.....a fabulous weekend... we travelled South....and stayed with James and Kelly's - for James's birthday...
It was a chance to catch up with all of my family....Mum and Dad.....David and Jo...and all the kids.
Here I am with the birthday boy... do you see any family resemblance?
Its always lovely to travel back to the South-East.... its greener than the Riverland....the trees are larger and James and Kelly's beautiful old home just keeps on getting better and better..... its such a beautiful old rambling country home... with a wonderful extension built on the back.... and nothing but grass and trees for as far as you can see,

It was nice that we arrived early enough to help with some of the preparation..... Kelly was so organised though..... and had everything running like clock work.

I did push up my sleeves ....and chopped...sliced and generally made myself useful. The food was delicious.... roasts...vegies...salads.... and the most divine sticky date roll with butterscotch sauce... that was to die for!
The guys did some setting up outdoors....and enjoyed a few ale's around the old wood stove on the verandah..... it was totally relaxing.....waiting for the guests to arrive later in the evening.

Love these old sheds and tanks that are scattered around the farm yard.....

The boys rode the motorbikes.... under strict instructions not to do anything silly.... one broken leg is enough .... poor Lachie had broken his the week before and was in a full leg plaster.

...so he spent the entire afternoon entertaining Bella..... they got on like a house on fire.

It all came to an end too quickly though....Sunday morning came and after making a few visits...and it was time to travel home again.

Thankfully I have a squillion photos to remember it by!


  1. Wherabouts did you stay down here in the SE of SA Mardi?? I love living in this part of the world, we are blessed with very green pastures, you don't have to travel very far until you see more brown than green. Looks like you all had a beautiful weekend :-)

  2. Mardi it sounds like you had a fantastic weekend away and I love your beautiful photo's....love always

  3. What a beautiful setting Mardi! What better way to spend a relaxing weekend! Love the photos!

    Sheree xx

  4. Oh Mardi, your photos are PERFECT! I love your brothers house and I am thrilled you were able to have such a lovely weekend too x Janelle

  5. Snap Stitchingmum! It's gorgeous down here with all the green grass. Never too hot, sometimes a little too cold but all the more reason to stay inside and scrap!

  6. Anonymous2:17 pm

    That old farm house looks gorgeous and inviting Mardi :)
    I love the look of the rustic old SA.
    The photo's look so lush and that food - mmmmmmmmmmm :)
    Love AnnaBella's little hat. You did a fabulous job!