22 May 2009

What a week!!

First poor Mitch.... he has been unwell for almost two weeks.... temperatures and headaches each basically all he does is work and sleep.
He did seem to come good for a few days...only to replapse.
So it was off to the Dr this week.... his first blood results to come back revealed altered liver function and possible glandular fever...... but the final results in today.... confirmed it is infact CMV Virus....and not glandular fever.
This is apparently usually a fairly benign infection....but for some reason he has been quite unwell.....
Lets hope he is back to normal quickly....

Then....poor Ian pulled a leg muscle....and has been limping around... but in usual Ian fashion he doesnt complain much....and says "I will be'll come good" Im sure his leg could be hanging off and he'd say "Its'll reattach"

then...last night at the gym I injured my calf.... (and unlike Ian....I complain....a LOT!)
I pushed off the ground up onto a step....and was instantly in extreme pain in my a snapping....I couldnt weight bear....or put my heel on the ground....I spent the night icing it...and made an appointment for the physio this morning... seems I have a grade two strain of my calf muscle .... a 2-4 week recovery.... so its been acupunctred....strapped and compression bandaged...and Im to rest it... how frustrating!

So...lets hope thats it....

Only good news from here.....
Which speaking of.....we are waiting on my Mums results.... fingers crossed for good news there...


  1. Hope you guys are all feeling much better soon. Hope your ankle heals quickly.

    I know how you feel with injuries from exercising. I feel I constantly battle aches and pains and different problems with my karate training. Home tonight as I rolled my ankle and I need it to mend in time for next weekend when I have my karate grading.

  2. Argh, you're all in the wars, aren't you? Sending you all get well wishes.

  3. Yowie!!! Sounds painful Mardi! Hope everyone gets better real soon!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Oh dear :( Sounds like a good time to stay in bed!
    I hope you all recover sooner rather than later xx

    I will keep your mum in my prayers that her results are all good too

  5. Oh Mardi you poor things... I hope you are all feeling better real soon.

    Hope your Mums results are what you are all hoping for.

    Take care and try to have a relaxing weekend.

    Cherie xx