23 May 2009

You know what drives me nuts ?
Feeling creative.....but just not being able to 'create' anything Im happy with !
So I have a small mountain of un-finished layouts building up on the edge of my desk.....
Nothings finished.... its all there....taunting me...
na na.... na nnaaaaaaa na


  1. I get that, but I don't get to the point of having half done layouts. I just have lots of little scraps of paper that havne't managed to get stuck down! It's frustrating isn't it?
    I hope Mitch is feeling a little better soon and the rest of you aswell. Hoping for good news for your mum too.

  2. {chuckle}
    I hope things start working again very soon!

  3. hey mardi.....hugs to the lot of you and fingers crossed about mums resultsxx

  4. Ugh... Me too! I have a pile of half dones... If I don't feel "right" about them at their inception, they just dont get finished. Hence a ton of unfinished ones at the moment.

    Hope that Mitch begins to feel better and the calf is healing Mardi... fingers crossed for your mum too.

    Take care!