Its been a tough few weeks...

29 August 2009

Thank you so much for your kind words about my Boxx layouts ... it is truly appreciated..

Ive had a 'shit' (I know that's not a very nice 'blogging' word but it does pretty much sum it up)
of a few weeks to be truthful...

Yesterday I had some very bad news......regarding my Papa (or Parps) as I call him.

Sadly he has suffered a stroke...... and is very unwell...

I have always had a soft spot for Parps....
I grew up on an adjoining spent my childhood with him always around... then when he retired into the town I would stay over on the nights I had music lessons after school..... later in life when we lived in Qld he would come to visit....and do all my handyman jobs.... he was always there for me......and at 94 he was still so fit and healthy that I was not prepared for anything like this....

I am just so grateful that we spoke on the phone a few weeks ago..... and that we have been together twice over the last few years....
when we visited him (and Betty) in Tasmania - July 2007...
...and then again last year in May when he and Betty came to stay with us.... (and I just love this photo of us with our matching bald heads and caps)
He will be in my thoughts and prayers every moment......
I'm so grateful that Mum and Dad are on their way there....and will be able to whisper in his ear just how much I love him.

My other little dilemma (which pales into insignificance compared to my poor Parps) is that I have developed an allergy..... to an unknown 'something'..... it seems to flare up at work....and I recover at home (as far as I can is the only pattern I seem to notice).....only to re-flare again..... this has been happening over the last few months... but Ive slowly got to the stage where I don't recover before I'm exposed again..... which resulted in a severe reaction a week or so ago..... where my entire face was swollen and my body covered in a rash (excuse the horrible swollen face / eyes photo)
Fortunately a course of steroids and a few days at home and my facial swelling resolved.....but my rash has proven difficult to clear.
I headed to Adelaide earlier this week for allergy testing....which only revealed allergies I already knew....nothing new....and certainly nothing I can blame for this outbreak....I was disappointed....but not entirely surprised.
Which leads me to my next little problem.....
I'm finally booked in to have more Breast surgery next week..... its surgery that Ive been waiting on for months and months.... and its taken a lot of planning and coordination as it required two separate surgeons to work in conjunction with each other... for which I'm very grateful.
So imagine how stressed I am now that I'm covered in a rash.....and there is every possibility that they wont operate until its clear....I know that's not the end of the world....but to organise leave from work.... and to get the planets to align so that two separate surgeons could both fit me on their lists on the same day was near impossible....yet we had managed it...
God bless Ian though.......I said to him last night "Could anything else go wrong? ..... could it get any worse?" ....and he so wisely replied that "of course it could be could be a LOT worse.... this isn't anything that we cant deal with"


  1. Did they test you for latex Mardi? You would be exposed at work & less so at home, maybe its that.
    I have recently developed this at work after years of nursing - not fun & hard to avoid.

  2. Mardi I'm so sorry to hear that your Parps is so ill. These things are such a shock when they happen... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I hope everything will be ok.

    As for that rash... geez I really hope it clears up quick smart for you so you can go ahead with the surgery! Sending you my very best wishes,big (((HUGS))) and hoping that it all works out and goes ahead as planned.

    Sheree xx

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Parps Mardi... hugs and kisses for you oooxxx

  4. Oh Mardi, if I thought that a hug would cure it all for you, I'd drive up there right now, through the night. I'm so sorry that things are going rough.

    I still remember hearing the news that my grandma (97) had gone downhill and was in hospital. It is devastating news. I'm thinking of you and your family.

    It does sound like it's something work related. What are work doing to help? If it gets better when you have a break from work, it does sound like it's something there. But allergies are so darn hard to pin down. Good luck.

    And good luck for the op. I do hope that the rash goes away in time and that it can go ahead.

  5. Anonymous9:34 am

    Poor Mardi. So sorry to hear you special Parps is unwell. 97 is not bad. I hope you get the all clear to go ahead with your surgery. And what a wonderful husband you have to say that. He's right though. Put those positive thoughts out into the universe Mardi and things will come good. My positive thoughts are with you and all your family. Hugs. xx Sue

  6. Hi MArdi hugs to you for your parps.I hope that all will workout okay.Good luck with the surgery too take care Kerry xx

  7. jane fitchett9:48 am

    hi miss mardi
    youve put my crappy week and inlaw probs into perspective....
    i hope your parps is resting comfortably and glad to hear your mum and dad are there with him too.
    im sure all the stars will align for your surgery and it will all go well.

    i was thinking along the same lines as jo regarding the rash that latex may be the problem...
    all the best of luck with everything this week, will be thinking of you

  8. Hey Mardi,

    Shit... I'm so sorry to read about your Parps :o( He'll be in my thoughts and prayers too. I have to say though - he looks AMAZING for being in his 90's in your photos!!!

    Hoping that your rash clears up in time for you to have your surgery. Will be keeping everything crossed for you. And hoping that you find the cause for your flare-ups too.

    Sending much love your way
    Ali xoxo

  9. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Hello Mardi
    I am so sorry to hear about your Parps - he sounds like a wonderful man who played such a large role in helping make you the kind wonderful person that you are!! My thoughts are with you and your family.
    I hope that the planets continue to remain aligned and that your rash disappears as quickly as it arrived and your operations continue as planned!!
    Thinking of you and sending only positive thoughts your way.

  10. Oh Mardi- sorry to hear about your Parps - my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

    I hope your rash clears up quickly too- or at least they find out what is causing it- not fun!

    Thinking of you.

  11. Hi Mardi! Waving my hugs your way! Im sorry to hear your Parps is unwell, I hope he recovers quickly. =)

    I hope your allergy clears up for your surgery. and Ian is right - it could be worse. But its not :) Chin up hun. Thinking of you. Lisa xx

  12. Oh Mardi, my thoughts are with your Parps and your family.

    I am also hoping that your rash clears up real quickly and you still get to have your surgery.

    Take care and huggs to you all

    Cherie xx

  13. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Huge hugs to you and your Parps too.
    I will be keeping him and you in my thoughts and prayers!