On a happier note...

30 August 2009

Parps seems to have stabilised......and his immediate family are all in Tassie with him....
My rash seems to have finally settled as well.....and with another day to improve it...I'm fairly sure Ill look ok by Tuesday... still have everything crossed (including my eyes)
I'm mostly packed and organised.... just a few last minute things to finish....then we are off in the morning.

Thank you so much for all the kind comments.. prayers and suggestions for my Parps.... my rash and my upcoming surgery.... they were very appreciated...
I wanted to mention too....that I was tested for latex....it has long been a suspicion of mine that it might have been the culprit....and Id even hoped I was.... it would have been easy'ish to avoid... and nice to know what the trigger was....but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I am not allergic to latex.....so there is still an unknown allergen out there...lurking... flaring me up repeatedly!
Lets hope this month off will give my body a good chance to recover....and when I resume work...it might be easier to pinpoint.


I thought Id share some layouts before I head off tomorrow morning...
Firstly this one of Bella-Bub at 10.5 months.....Ive tried to scrap a LO each month.....to record all her new little tricks and developments....
Love the sweet little craftymatters ceramic butterfly on this one....

Couldn't resist scrapping this photo....with her little brow all creased and her chubby little hands... trying to get the lid off her bottle....
Once again some yummy craftymatters ceramics..... the little birdie...and the word tile...

Then this one of the boys on the first windy day this year.... the competition still runs strong....the great kite competition was on....lol

This one has a cute little craftymatters emoticon face..
...and finally this one of Bella again..... and her love for the nappy bag.... and all its contents...especially Alex's phone or wallet...lol
I love how I captured here peering over her shoulder to see if she was being watched or not.... Id say she had been sprung!...lol

Well that's it from me .... I will be back in a week....


  1. That's good news about your Parps Mardi... and about your rash. Wishing you the best of luck for the surgery and a speedy recovery!

    Gorgeous layouts as always!

    Sheree xx

  2. ohhh mardi i was just catching up. hoping everything picks up from here on, wise words from ian but still our obstacles are our own and we have make our way thru them...your blog is a breath of fresh air mardi, thanks for sharing the everyday, it touches ppl more than you may realise. you are in my thoughts.Leax
    ps loving your layouts of precious bellabub

  3. love the LO's..esp 'deep in concentration'...how cute are the ceramic pieces.

  4. Sending you love and hugs for tomorrow Mardi. I hope the surgery goes really well and you recover quickly.

    Thinking of your Pa too - so hard when people we love (no matter what their age is) are sick :-(


  5. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Hi Mardi,long time reader of your blog and thought it was time I delurked. Firstly, great pages!
    Sorry to hear about your Parps, but glad to hear he has stabelised. On a side note, I love the special name you have for him.

    I wish you all the best with your surgury.

  6. Anonymous8:18 am

    Hi Mardi, hope your surgery went well and your are recovering. Look forward to hearing from you soon. How is your Parps? xx Sue

  7. Allie5:34 pm

    Hi Mardi, have been thinking of you since last Tuesday. I hope it all went well and you are recuperating nicely. Sending you some hugs from me xox