A first and a twenty-first.....

29 September 2009

What a huge weekend.....well in fact....what a huge week!!!!

We spent the weekend.....very excitedly.....celebrating Bella Bubs first birthday......and Alex's twenty-first.
Thankfully....Mum and Dad arrived early in the week....and Mum bounced into action..... whipping through the house.... washing....and baking goodies each day in preparation (I'm quite sure she will be exhausted this week....)
When the plans were made and the invitations were sent...I was expecting to be back on top of the world....and ready to host the 20 guests we had invited to help celebrate....but with my little hiccup.....I was only a week post-op....and still feeling sore and flat....so I couldn't have done it without Mum. and Dad to help. Alex.... also pitched in and helped....and between us all....I think it was a very successful day....

Anna-Bella took to birthdays quite well.....she loved the new toys....the attention....and the food...
She didnt quite have the hang of unwrapping yet.... she was content to just play with toy still in the box....or through the wrapping....
She looked very cute in her little tutu outfit that Briony bought especially for her birthday......just a pity the weather was a little cool....and she needed the tights and cardi as well.

The dolls pram was a big hit...and she spent most of the day.....zooming back and forth pushing her pram.... she is not walking on her own just yet....but will walk anywehere if you hold her hand...or give her a pram to push......so it wont be long until she takes some solo steps Im sure.
(Dont you love the tights that are sticking out like clown feet...lol)

Mmm... not sure what this pink stuff is......but I like it!!
Then with lunch and Bella's celebrations over.....the guests stayed on for a BBQ tea... and joined us to celebrate Alex's twenty-first....

It was a busy.....but lovely day.....so nice to get all the families together....and to spend this time together...


  1. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all - sending HUGE birthday hugs to Bella Bub and Alex. My Emily walked 2 weeks after her 1st birthday after pushing her pram for ages, so I am sure Bella will be walking before you know it! Thanks for sharing your day with us xx Janelle

  2. Happy Birthday to both beautiful girls - Bella and Alex. How special to celebrate together :-)
    I hope you are feeling a bit better now, I was thinking of you a lot over the past couple of weeks.

  3. Turning 1 already? Where did the time go? Oh she looks so sweet in her little tights and tutu...and she'll be walking on her own in no time now by the looks of it! A big happy birthday to both Bella and Alex! Looks like they both had a wonderful day!

    Sheree xx
    ps. Hope you're feeling better each day!

  4. Happy birthday Bella and Alex! She is so sweet in her little tutu pushing that pram! You poor thing, I hope you start feeling better soon, you've had such a rough run of things.

  5. Happy birthday to your birthday people!!! Always love reading your blog and catching up on your news and photos!! Bella is gorgeous in her little tutu pushing her pram.KIMx

  6. Happy birthday to Anna-Bella and Alex. You had a huge day. Both girls looked so beautiful. Looked the tutu.

    Take acre,
    Nikala xxx.

  7. i have just been catching up mardi. looks like you had a wonderful celebration for the girls. i do hope you are feeling alot better now mardi! what a huge pain! take care, Leax

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