Im back (take 2)....

22 September 2009

Well..... things went a little more 'pear shaped' just a few hours after my last post..

My Surgeon and the Plastics team take their handiwork very seriously....they felt the infection had gone on for too long....and they no longer wanted to sit by and hope for the best.....they wanted action.
So....poor Ian made the dash back to Adelaide with me... followed by a 24 hour wait in the Emergency Department while I waited for a bed. The Plastics team reviewed me as soon as I arrived and commenced some IV antibiotics.... and at that stage I was convinced that Id be discharged relatively soon.

Mmm...well as usual Im delusional about how things work......I ended up going back to theatre a second have my wound drained and flushed....and drains reinserted.... then a few more days of rest.....and then back to theatre again...

Its been a MUCH bigger ordeal than I expected....and Im just very glad to be home now.....feeling a LOT better than I was.....and also feeling very grateful that I have such a wonderful local Dr...Plastic Surgeon and not to mention family....who have taken up all the slack while Ive been unwell.

Thanks again for all the messages......well wishes.... they were lovely to read when I got home....


  1. My gosh Mardi i hope you are well and truely out of that hospital now, thankgoodness they picked it up and you got back in for more treatment. Fingers crossed its just smooth sailing from here and you are resting up and recoverying nicely (for the second time).
    Hugs to you
    Megan xx

  2. Oh Mardi... what an ordeal! I've been thinking of you wondering how you were going with it all... sorry to hear you had to go back in you poor thing! I'm glad you're back home and resting up. Hoping you get better and better each day!

    Sheree xx

  3. Nikki9:44 pm

    So glad to hear your on the mend now Mardi! Sending hugs and best wishes across the country for you xx Nikki (Scrapboxx)

  4. Hey there Mardi,
    So sorry to read what you've been through. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. You've been through so much. I think of you often and miss you too. Take care.

    Nikala xxx

  5. Oh Mardi you poor thing, you have had a rough time.
    I hope you are taking it easy and resting up and recovering quickly.

    Take care, thinking of you
    Cherie xx

  6. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Oh hunny I'm so sorry to read that things went pear shaped - I'm glad that you are recovering now though...and yes I'm glad that your Drs' were so vigilant!

    Hugs to you
    Get well soon

  7. Hugs too you MArdi i hope that all things will settle for you now thinking of you.Take care Kerry xx

  8. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Oh goodness Mardi, you poor thing.
    I hope you are on the up and up now.
    Best wishes and prayers.