Relay for life...

13 October 2009

What an awesome event!
Although.....I do recall at one stage muttering to someone "I'm not doing this again next year!!"

It was our very first year...and we learnt a few do's and dont's to keep in mind for next year (and yes....we are all looking forward to next year)

DO have a tent with gets blo**dy cold!
DO not pack food for the entire group of the other 15 also packed as much...between us we could have fed the entire event!
DO put a little more thought into the theme...decorations some teams were amazing...and we were a little less fact...we were downright
DONT try to sleep...although everyone except me got at least a little.
DONT worry that its a lot of really wasn't that hard.

It really was a great event.... the entertainment throughout the early part of the night was great.... the candlelight ceremony was moving...and then when the lights were dim and the music stopped....I really enjoyed the quiet laps throughout the early part of the morning.

Not to mention watching the sun come up....knowing that soon we would be .....finishing our laps..... packing up....and heading home for a well earned sleep.

So... as a picture tells a thousand is our site....slightly lacking in decorations...but hey!...we were learners....
Our name.... (on our banner made by Vicki).... the Late Cribbers meaning 'late for lunch'.... obviously an 'in' joke... most of the crowd didn't get it...and thought we were card
My baby and her bestie Hannah.... these two did a marvellous job....and walked many laps in the early hours... very proud of them.... ....looking downright dorky in my hat... (and no...I'm not a magpies member...I borrowed Ian's lanyard...)

The candlelight ceremony.... what I didn't capture a good shot of was ...all the candles glowing in white paper bags that were positioned around the oval....all with messages of hope and remembrance on them...


  1. Good on you Mardi (BTW, you don't look dorky).
    Read your last post - what is needleturn?
    Looking forward to seeing you IRL in less than a month!
    M x

  2. Sounds like a fantastic, fun event Mardi! I bet the candlelight ceremony was just beautiful.

    Wow its only 23 days to go! Yay! Can't wait to see you!!!

    Sheree xx

  3. It is a very special event to be part of...the candlelight ceremony with the bags and the messages on is truly special...I too enjoyed the quiet laps in the early morning...we have some teams who get all "themed' and it is loads of fun....cheers


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