5 October 2009

Following an email conversation with Janelle this morning... I realised I hadn't shared any of my stitching projects for here goes....

First ... my version of Janelle's beautiful 'adelaides notemaker' pattern . I was lucky enough to have my very own lesson in needle turn applique while Janelle was visiting..... which made this project easier for me...
...oh and lookie....a closeup of my needleturn..... (don't look too close..)

Next up is another of Janelle's patterns......this time its the @home messenger tote .... I love this pattern and have made four of them now. The first one below was for Ashlee a friend of Brionys who is at Uni.....she chose the fabrics and asked me very nicely if Id make it for her....

This next one was for my friend Keryn..

Next up.....I finally finished this cushion that Janelle and I had begun while she was staying.....its made from scraps .... including thrifted pillow cases....and is sitting nicely on Brionys bed now.

Then.....I decided to have a play with these pillow case dresses..... firstly one for Bella using this free online Anna Maria Horner pattern...... it was even cuter in my eyes because I used a scrap of fabric that I have had for Mum made me a shift dress from this very same fabric when I was about 13 years old

Then I moved on to a larger version for Briony..... this time using this 'Spring Ruffle Top tutorial by Rae' ... it fitted really well....and was simple to make...


  1. I love these Mardi. You are too clever! Your family and friends are so lucky to receive such beautiful handmade loveliness. :) And your needleturn looks beautiful! I did needleturn for the first time in Tassy's quilt, and there was lots of it in the quilt! It wasn't as scary as it seemed before I'd actually started!

  2. Wow Mardi you've certainly been busy! So many beautiful creations! I might have to try one of those pillow case dresses for Madi!

    Sheree xx

  3. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Oh those pillowcase slip dresses are so cute. Just beautiful!
    And I love your Adelaide the name haha!!