Winding back the clock.....

17 November 2009

I have realised that I had'nt recorded our little family weekend away to Normanville...and wanted to share a few of the memories....mainly for my own record.
I just wish Id got to this earlier....I remember thinking of all the things Id need to remember....the funny little quotes and actions....but of course its too long ago now...and I have no idea what they were.... lost in the big black gaping hole in my head.

But here are the facts (while I still remember them)...
We headed off on a Friday afternoon for Normanville on the Fleurieu Peninsular...
Brent, Alex and Mitch in Brents car....and Ian , I Briony and Bella in ours... Bella slept almost the entire 4 hour trip bless her.
We were booked into some beach front cabins and it was lovely to head to bed with the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

Saturday we spent on the various tourist drives around the area.... and poking through the local antique and curio shops.... Brent and Alex even picked up a fabulous wooden toybox for Bella....which Mitch had to sit next too for the remainder of the weekend.
Ian bought some cockles to try some fishing... $ 8.00 cockles...and Brent was the only one who put his line in...and sadly no fish.
We headed out for dinner on Saturday night to a gorgeous little pub.... and had a delicious meal.

Sunday...more tourist drives....although this time we headed on around to Victor Harbour....
Ian, Alex, Briony, Bella and I walked across to Granite Island....while the boys chose a less energetic game of mni golf.

Bella loved the beach.... particularly the feeling of sand in her mouth....and squealed in delight at the waves lapping her legs.

Well thats about it..... just a little share of a fabulous family weekend.... I wonder how many more we will all spend together like this ?......very few I imagine.
It certainly gets harder and harder to coordinate weekends like this as they grow older and make their own lives....which is why we appreciate and cherish them so much.

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  1. What a beautiful place to spend a weekend away! Love the pics Mardi!

    Sheree xx