Boy....what a busy few weeks....

8 December 2009

I thought about sharing a little more of the mess on my desk.....but I was just too embarrassed... I can say.... the only space remaining was a little circle created by the mouse....
....but it was for a good cause.....the @home Jingle Bells 2009 class....which is running at the moment...
Heres a peak at a few of my projects ....
Ohh....and my desk is much tidier again now....well at least for the moment....Im sure it wont last.


  1. Well my desk is a disgrace!! I would be way too embarassed to show mine LOL. But yes, we have been busy hey. LOVE all of your projects for Jingle Bells, they are AMAZING!! xx Janelle

  2. The mess was well worth it Mardi because all your projects were AWESOME!!! :) Loved every one of them!

    Sheree xx


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