Tutorial - Quick Christmas tags

9 December 2009

I thought it might be fun to share these super duper quick Christmas tags that Briony and I made last night.
The idea first sprung into my head a week or so ago.....and then in the last minute rush to wrap teachers gifts last night....we realised that we didn't have suitable tags...so....we decided to make these super quick potato stamped cuties....

(Please excuse the poor night time shots....)

So here are the teachers gifts all wrapped and labelled with our hot off the press Christmas tags.
Step 1: Begin by creating the 'tag'...
the red card stock measures 6" x 3"
the vintage music paper in the centre measures 5" x 2.75"
Round all the corners and attach the music sheet to the card stock.

Step 2: Now take a potato to use as a stamp and create a holly leaf shape ...I found it easiest to draw my leaf with a skewer....and then cut down from the top along my line....and then in from the side to remove the piece I didn't want....if that makes sense.

Step 3: Now the potato stamp is made and ready to go....mix up some green paint....(I added in some glitter to mine as well)....
Stamp out a selection of leaves....it took awhile to work out how much paint to add....but in the end a light smear worked the best.

Step 4: When they are dry cut out the individual leaves

Step 5: Add two leaves and two red buttons to each tag to create some holly.

Just a little peak at our tags in progress

...and here they are all pretty with their holly leaves and buttons...

Step 6:
Create some computer 'to and from' strips so that there is a nice spot to write...

Step 7: Punch a hole through the top and add a string bow and you are done.....they are ready to attach ....
Briony took them off to school this morning.....handmade with love....


  1. They are gorgeous.. Well done!

  2. WOW Mardi, these are gorgeous. I think I will get the kids busy making these for our family gift. Wonderful idea, thanks so much for sharing the tutorial with us
    xx Janelle

  3. Wow they look fantastic Mardi! What a great idea with the potato stamping!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous8:20 pm

    The tags look fabulous! Potato stamping brings back memories for me. Reminds me that I'd like to do it with my kids. Thanks for sharing!