Cut and Paste..

12 January 2010

Its so nice to chug through my 'really wanna do that" list....and get some things some scrapping....

I'm so impressed with 'this'......I just have to dedicate the entire post to 'it'......

So here's my story from the beginning..... at the @home retreat in November I was the very lucky....(extremely lucky).... winner of a 'Cut and Paste' prize pack.... very kindly donated by the lovely....talented Pip Prosser... (each time I think of Pip.....I just see loads of colour... fun topics....stunning photos....and double layouts....)

Ive had the pack sitting here since then.....screaming "scrap me.....scrap me" .... so in the last few days Ive pulled it out and had a play.....and I'm so impressed....that I want to shout it from the roof tops...

My prize pack was the "February Double up" pack (I'm guessing from last Feb)......and it was jam packed with product, pattern papers and card stock..... and the best also contained these awesome layout instruction sheets.....for the most gorgeous double Pip layouts....which took the thinking out of scrapping altogether..... I could just choose some photos..... pick a layout example and follow the instructions....

So....Layout one - "Another year older, Just as silly".... was pretty much Pips layout......I just made a few Mardi'fications and altered the size.... and it felt good to scrap a double...darn good in fact..

Layout two - "Shattered Glass" was another of Pips layout.....Mardi'fied slightly.... another bonus of the pack was some papers and products Id never seen or used before...gotta love that...its nice to break from the rut occasionally.
Then using some bits of the pack I created this in my own design.... just to see if I could still actually scrap....

Now there is still two more double layouts with instructions that I haven't begun yet....and stacks more paper and product..... this really is jam packed....

So.... a huge THANKYOU to Pip from "Cut and Paste" for her very generous prize pack....Im smitten....and Im sure Pip would love it if anyone wanted to drop by...


  1. Sounds like a fantastic kit Mardi and your layouts look awesome! Sometimes it's nice not to have to think too much and just follow instructions! LOL Love the one of Bella and the cute!

    Sheree xx

  2. Lucky you Mardi!! Gorgeous layouts...

  3. oh what a great blog post, I adore your work and Pips so to have a xombo of both is a treat. thanks for sharing Mardi

  4. Hi Mardi.
    Well look at you all busy, busy with your scrapping! I'm glad you loved the Cut & Paste kit - Pip was VERY generous with her kits for the Retreat and they all looked jam packed with product and ideas!!! Your layouts are, as usual, just beautiful!!!!

  5. Anonymous9:58 am

    Scrapping without too much thinking - that's why I love classes at @Home. So much quicker!
    LOL @ 'Mardi'fications!!!!!
    Your take on Pip's design look fab.
    I was lucky enough to win a pack too - I just haven't got to it yet - I'm still finishing some @Home layouts I hadn't got to!
    And your design looks fabulous.