What a stinker of a weekend...

10 January 2010

How are you surviving the heat?

Its certainly been hot.... with the last few days in the mid 40's and more of the same to come....we are well and truly feeling summer.

It just seemed such a waste to have a weekend free....and not to do something...Ian and I tossed ideas around all week.... but finally it was unanimous.... in this heat ....the only comfy spot is right here at home with air conditioning.

So we decided to entertain instead.... first a trip over to the farmers market in Berri to pick up some lovely fresh fruit and veg.... then the best bit.....out to Bella Lavender for lunch (just Ian and I....what a treat)....before heading home to begin on the preparation....

It was a lovely night.....even though it was still hot....just fun to spend it with friends and family... all hot together...lol

Brent, Alex and Bella
Mitch and Meg
Justin, Jodie, James, Megan and Chelsea
Ian and Barb
Garry, Sandy, Chloe
Ben, Sam, Toby and Hayden ... all braved the heat to come out and enjoy it with us.

Then today was only what could be described as 'lazy'.... after a quick whip over the house inside and out...Ian and I settled into movie watching mode....and while we watched....I worked on this cutie pie little album that I had begun and never finished.
It was the tag team album which was taught at the @ home retreat..... its such a little sweetie...and I'm thrilled to have it now finished and sitting on top of my mini album pile.
..and a little peak inside....
Here's to a fabulous week ahead.... I know I have lots to look forward too....
A trip to Adelaide tomorrow back to the Plastics clinic....taking Briony, Alex and Bella too....so no doubt we will fit in a little retail therapy....
Back to work on Wednesday..fingers crossed I get the nod tomorrow...
Ohh...forgot to mention....Ive worn a skirt or dress almost every day this week and I'm loving it.
The scooter has been out of the shed...even if Mitch is riding it more than me...
Ive even made enquiries about my piercing...I just need to pick up the phone and make the appointment.
2010 is the year!!


  1. Sounds like you're off and running with your list for 2010 Mardi! Good on you! Best of luck with your visit tomorrow...hope you do squeeze some retail therapy in while you're there!

    Oh I just love that little mini. I still have to finish mine off too! Might just do that now that I've finished my December Daily. :)

    Hope that horrid heat eases off soon for you down there. Those temps are just aweful! Stay cool!

    Sheree xx

  2. Go Mardi.....thats awesome about geting stuck into your list
    .....we spent the day inside today too...watching csi and i caught up on some blogging and stuff...lovely lazy day:)
    onya for wearing skirts:) i only own two work ones:)