Hapy New Year....

4 January 2010

Sadly I'm a little late with my New Year message this year.... things didn't go quite to plan.....and I ended up with a little time out....a trip to hospital.....surgery and New Years Eve tucked up in a hospital bed listening to my 'room mates' sleeping.(Here I am.... celebrating all by myself on New Years Eve - photo via my phone)

I have been thinking over the last week about 'resolutions'.... I usually make the standard ones....like 'lose some weight....only to fall off the wagon before the end of January.... and to be honest I'm feeling very tired of pressures that I put on myself.

So ....with a little enforced time to think.... I have come up with a list (in no particular order).... these are NOT resolutions....these are things Id like to try to bring into my life....things Id like to do a little more often....

1* Acknowledge how grateful I am every single day...

2* Travel.... long trips...short trips.... just get out there and take it in.

* Read more...take interest in the written matter around me... too often I don't bother....and Id like to make a point of absorbing more.

3* Try something new as often as possible....give things a go.... stop thinking of reasons why I cant...shouldn't or wont.

4* Stop worrying about what people think...and stop striving to live up to perceived expectations....allow myself to dress...behave...and live the way I want...afterall...I am ME... not someone else.

5* Stop worrying about my weight.... focus instead on getting healthy.....eating well....and exercising for pure enjoyment....

6* Eat more home grown vegetables.....and of course...grow more!

7* De-clutter my life.... stop hoarding unnecessary clutter.

8* Continue to journal the every day..... scrap more... photograph more and blog more (yes...blog more!!.....I had considered stopping because its such a time hog...but its really the only diary I write...and so it stays)

9* Let go of the feeling of obligation to face book, blogs, forums and emails....of course I wish to remain in touch with all my beautiful friends and family via cyberspace.... but I want to STOP feeling like a failure if I don't comment... reply.... post all the time....it just consumes too much time and adds too much stress.

10* Watch more movies

11* Read to Bella every time she visits

12* Work on positive thoughts.... always..

13* Don't allow negative thoughts.... always look on the bright side.

14* Pay compliments when due... and often.

15* Be generous....

16* Organise...everything!.... papers... clothes...craft.... everything.

17* Don't worry about age.... be grateful for youth...

18* Cook more... simple... healthy food..

19* Stop before buying 'stuff'....and ask myself 'do I really need this?"

20* Listen to more music... try listening to some new artists... make music a part of every day.

21* Wear hair clips in my hair...

22* Spend time with Ian and the kids..... just...spending time..

23* Write more letters...

24* Learn to accept and let go...

25* get my nose pierced..

26* Ride the scooter more...

27* Collect things that make me happy.... (no....not 'clutter'...and yes...I do' really need things' that make me happy)

28* Take a photography course.... not sure how or when....but its on the list..

29* Embrace spontaneity... like now...when the girls want to head off shopping... so Ill be back to this list later...
Ok...back from the shops....and wanting to add....
30* Manicure my nails more often....not the beauty shop type manicure....just some love and attention at home...(thankyou Mum for the FAB little crystal emery file...I love it)
31* Wear more skirts
32* Stop the self put downs....
33* Fold our washing as it comes off the line... no more bulging baskets.
34* Don't stress about 'events'....take them in my stride and enjoy the entire experience....from beginning to finish.
I just might continue to add to this list in the coming days....
I also wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU for all the love and support throughout 2009..
For those who pop in to say hello .... its very appreciated...it makes my day....
oh and Moi....Id LOVE some music suggestions.... thankyou...xx


  1. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Sounds like an excellent list Mardi ... I can relate to so many of them! Best wishes for whatever they're called! ;)
    I must make a point of sending you a few ideas re music ...
    All the best for 2010!

  2. You're gorgeous. xoxo

    PS - I like Moi's taste in Music. :)

  3. Anonymous8:06 pm

    I love your blog Mardi. I check it almost daily. You're a beautiful person and good luck with the list. There is alot there I could take from. Hoping 2010 is your year. xx Sue

  4. Wonderful list & so true. So many of us, including myself, tend to worry about what others think of us - our likes, opinions, our style, figure - but as you so correctly stated, we are our own person. I love it "I am ME, not someone else".
    Thanks for wonderful reading.

  5. Love popping in to visit your Blog but rarely leave a comment. I hope 2010 brings you and your family wonderful things (and everything on your list) !! :O)

  6. Just beautiful Mardi, I think we can all take plenty away from that list :)

  7. What a AWESOME list Mardi, I am sorry to hear of your trip to hospital, praying that it is nothing serious. Cannot wait to see you with your piercing LOL. I too have wanted to do that but have been a little scared. If you can do it then I will join you and get mine done....
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses beig sent your way xxx

  8. Oh beautiful Mardi, Im so sad to hear you had to spend more time back in hospital, I hope you are felling better...

    I love your list, I too can relate to many of them, I did smile at your wear hair clips and wear more skirts, I Love skirts and would too like to wear them but can never find any that suit me!

    I hope you get to bring all the things from your list into your life and much much more.

    Wishing you all the best for 2010

    Cherie xx

  9. Hello Mardi,
    I don't comment much but I love reading your blog as its always inspirational... and your list is fabulous. Good luck with it all in 2010.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Linda1:54 pm

    Great list, can relate to a lot of those! I too, love reading your blog but rarely comment so this is a first for me

  11. Mardi, I'm so sorry that you ended up in hospital for NYE. I hope you're OK.
    Loved reading your list. I hope your 2010 brings you many joyous moments.

  12. Anissa5:31 pm

    Well said Mardi. Love your list. You are beautiful...Take care and hope you are on the mend. May 2010 be a wonderful year for you!

  13. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Oh Mardi I am so sorry to hear that you were in hospital :(
    I do hope that you are well now.
    I want to wish you and your family a wonderful, happy, fulfilling and joyful 20 10. I read through your list and personally I can relate to quite a lot.
    I think my no.1 would have to be, to be kinder to myself. Like you I feel like I have let people down if I don't reply to everyone and everything posted on the WWW!!! LOL!
    When you think about it, it really is an impossible mission!
    Take care sweets

  14. Awesome stuff Mardi, i hope y0our trip to the hospital went smoothly and without and complications. I love your list idea and i think its great you have set some many goals if you are l;ike me you m9ight hopefuylly get half of your list done, but hey half is better than none :)

    i cant wait to hear about you achieving your 25th Goal, i wantto see pics lots of pics :)

  15. Mardi what a fantastic list! There's a lot of things there that would appear on my list if I sat down for 5 mins to write one! LOL I'm sorry to hear that you had to go to hospital again...hope everything is ok now?

    Sheree xx

  16. hello Mardi! just returning to blogland... thanks for sharing such a heartfelt list. of course sooo many things we can all relate to. i love the way you write Mardi and by sharing your soul like you do...well it really connects people i think. looks like you had some fun and special family moments over the Chrissy period-how sweet is that Bella with all those curls and that chuppa chup pic gave me a big giggle. hope 2010 is a happy healthy year for you sweet Mardi!

  17. Hi Mardi:)
    Im hoping you are feeling alot better after your awful NYE???

    I found myself nodding to myself as i read your list.....i think we all want to be happy, healthy, fit and well, we know what we SHOULD do to achieve it all but it all gets lost in the day to day happenings of life doesnt it?
    Then the pressure we put on ourselves just makes us feel worse (check out my blog:)) and bad about ourselves

    Id like to do a few of those things too.....ive gone back to my sewing machine and this year one of my *things* to do is sew myself a special quilt...which i have begun to cut out but it is rather scary isnt it LOL

    Take care:)

  18. mardi your table runner is just lovely. i love seeing your home as well, it looks beautiful and well 'homey'. i feel like i am stalking you at the moment, you have so much creation inspiration going on here with all the wonerful layouts and dec daily and your sewing AND i keep going back to your list. you really are a sincere and positive person Mardi. You have inspired me to make my list TODAY!

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