Brents 21st

15 March 2010

What a fabulous weekend....

Unfortunately I blinked.....and it was over.... how sad!

We ended up with approx 70 guests.....

The weather was perfect....

We all fitted in the yard (Ian and I had agonised over whether there would be enough room for that amount of people).... but there was plenty of room and it had a cosy feel.... the guests were spread from the double garage at the front....through the pergola....and into the shed at the back.... plenty of space for everyone...
The food was delicious.... I'm so thankful we chose to get the roast meat and salads catered... and so appreciative of those who helped out with pre-dinner nibbles and sweets...

Family.... omgosh.....its just been far too long.... and to have almost every family member here from both sides of the family.... plus Alexs family was amazing.
Sadly in the madness of the night....I didn't really get to talk to everyone as much as I would have liked.... but we are just so appreciative that they made the journey to celebrate with Brent.

The evening coincided with a "Worlds greatest shave" commitment.... so the guests were entertained by two shave offs.... and although this wasn't on the agenda is a great cause....and the guests most generously put their hands in their pockets ... donating around $200.00.
Of course....the birthday boy got the honour of the actual 'shave off'... and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every minute of it...

The crowd seemed to enjoy it too....especially all the nephews...

The cake was seriously scrumdiddlyumptioius... Ian made a fabulous speech....I know he is far from comfortable speaking in front of a crowd...but he did a great job....and remembered all the things I would have forgotten to say....
Brents speech was entertaining....and he left us in no doubt that he was thrilled we had all made the effort to come along....

House guests....what can I say.....we somehow managed to squeeze in 18 bodies.....(plus Mum and Dad outside in their caravan)..... there was literally mattresses everywhere... the bedrooms were full.....the lounge room floor was was the family room......the garage and Brent even caught an hours nap on the kitchen floor around 6am on Sunday...when he could finally party no more.
I love that the kids all get on so well.... and although there was a didn't feel like there was.... we cooked meals en mass....and set up a production line of bacon and eggs on Sunday morning....
Bella LOVED having the kids to stay.... we didn't hear a peep out of her ...she plodded around...entertained by them..... particularly little Evie who kept her company all did Charlie.
The other six played endless games of 8ball and darts.....and the Wii got a work out too..

Oh and Evie is such a sweetie.... she crafted Brent a cat to pop inside his card.....and collected signatures from all of the family on a newsagency bag.....too cute...I'm sure he will treasure it.

So...that kind of wraps it couldn't have been better really...other than if we could have pressed the pause button at some stage to make it all last a little longer....

Brents actual birthday is tomorrow all the kids are coming for dinner and cake... should be fun...


  1. Sounds like a great night and we would have given anything to be there...I remember the day that he was born and being with you when he arrived in this world is something that I will always treasure...I can not believe it is 21 years must be so proud of your boy...I know I

  2. Happy birthday Brent! What a fabulous party Mardi! And what a lot of work that must have been for you! Sounds like it was totally worth everything you put into it. You guys are such wonderful hosts - 18 people sleeping over!

  3. happy birthday to Brent- looks like a great party! I had my 21st at home with lots of family and friends, and its still a highlight!!

  4. Wow looks like you all had a fantastic time! You must be exhausted! LOL Happy Birthday to Brent!

    Sheree xx

  5. Mardi I loved reading that! My first big smile came from Mitch's Tshirt, then the fact that you had all your family together-very special indeed, and that you have this milestone and the treasured memory-albeit a whirlwind-in your home and then all those house guests-amazing lady!! loved seeing the snaps of little Bella having a ball, the way Ian is smiling at Brent during the speeches, your beautiful silver top and your happy face.It's beautiful Mardi and what a lovely post.

  6. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time Mardi...
    Hope you can have a rest this week after yur huge weekend.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  7. Hi Mardi!
    It looks like you all had a fabulous time - even though it would have felt like it went by in the blink of an eye! I always love reading about your lovely family which always reminds me of my own! Bella is growing up so fast!
    Happy birthday Brent!! Glad you had a great party!!

  8. Wow, sounds like a fabulous day. One I'm sure you will all remember for a very long time. How nice having all the family there and it feeling like no hassle at all. Special. xx