baby actually turns 21

16 March 2010

So.... I thought it appropriate that I share a little trip down memory lane....

Dad and I are so proud of you mate.... there were times in your younger years......when you were throwing a tantrum.....destroying everything you touched.... and giving us no end of cheek that I actually wondered if you would ever grow up..... did!
To your've grown into a wonderful young man....and a fabulous have a warm and witty personality....and we love you very much.....


  1. Happy Birthday Brent! Wow Mardi those pics are fantastic and OMG the one in the red wagon is Bella all over :-)

    It sounds as though the party was just perfect. Lots of family and friends all squished in together make the best times.

    I hope you now have a quiet weekend coming up to recover LOL.

  2. Awwww, beautiful Mardi.
    Happy Birthday Brent!

  3. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Happy birthday Brent!!!

  4. it Mardi love the cake cutting picture someone looks a little i was going to say tipsy but ill stick with drunk:)
    love the attitude in the pic of the three of them boys are in the green overcoats and theres little Bella, opps no its Brent they really look similar :)
    Glad it was a great 21years:)

  5. Oh and Happy Birthday Brent looks like you enjoyed your party :)

  6. Happy Birthday Brent! What beautiful photos Mardi, I bet they bring a tear to your eye looking back through them!

  7. Mardi, so nice to walk down memory lane with you ... I particularly love the photo of you and baby Brent ... you were quite the funky little number with those statement earrings and fab hair ... made me smile ... thanks for sharing ... Pip