How to overcome the dreaded scrap block...

23 March 2010

I have been longing to sit at my desk snip and record some stories...
But life has been hectic....and I just haven't been able to squeeze it Ive been imagining layouts in my head.... planning journaling .... and thinking of products I cant wait to use....
I all seems so easy when I'm at work ....and my mind drifts off into imaginary scrap world....
But.... yesterday....I finally had the chance.... the house was clean..... no one needed me.... no one was home.... my much awaited moment had arrived..... but sadly.....I was totally uninspired.....I had forgotten all my plans..... nothing seemed to work..... and the more I tried.....the worse I got....
So...... I took a break.....made a cuppa..... and printed off some photos....
Then....decided to scrap lift myself.....

First layout to be lifted was this one......

Which inspired me to create the little red book" - the story of Bellas little red counting book...and how she loves it more than all of the others.

With..... the scrap lifting technique seeming to work well.....I scoured through the pile for another piece of inspiration....
After some slight modification it became... "Look...I can do a fish face" - the story of Evies cute little fish face....

So...I'm on a roll now..... and this one ...

...inspires " new car" - the story of Mitch's new car that he proudly got this week....(gee just noticed Im so imaginative with my titles...)

Then finally....and you'll need to stretch your imagination here....this one ...

inspired me to create " Id like to do it all again tomorrow"
(this layout has a flap....which hides some more pics....and a little more story from Brents 21st....)

.... and then my day was over......and the chores were there again..... people wanted things....and Id made more than enough mess for one day....


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous layouts Mardi!! Gotta love it when one page inspires another and another....

  2. oh I love that you lifted your own fabulosity!! such sweet eye candy here. swooning over these!

  3. your layouts look fantastic and how nice to have a day to should happen more often...hi to

  4. Anonymous7:26 am

    wow, you scrapped up a storm! Well done, they all look fantastic! Love them all, you are sooooo clever!

  5. Awesome Mardi, you sure created a lot. I totally love the "little red book" layout it is adorable. You are such a clever little chickadee....

    Leanne xxxxxx

  6. Great idea. And lovely work as a result. All those layouts in one sitting. You go girl!

  7. Anonymous10:53 am

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  8. Loving all that 'Mardi gorgeousness'!!! Wow you really scrapped up a storm! Love all the fabulous little details! :)

    Sheree xx

  9. Great choice Mardi - can't think of anyone better to scraplift than you!!!!

  10. Your layouts look amazing Mardi. I often scrapbook myself when feeling a little uninspired.

  11. They are all gorgeous Mardi, what a great idea to scrap lift yourself. I just love your work.


  12. Wonderful layouts Mardi ... I quite often scraplift myself, at least I know that I will like the end product ... love the flower on the Fish Face layout, would make a pretty hair clip ... thanks for sharing and here's hoping that you manage some more scrapbooking time soon ... Pip

  13. wow.. absolutely amazing lo's both the scrapped and the lifted.. you certainly injected alittle bit of you... love them...

  14. Wow Mardi, they are all so gorgeous, and so different from their originals!