Mario and Rosies wedding...

21 March 2010

We were so honoured to be invited to our neighbours Mario and Rosies wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful small wedding in a garden setting at the Lavender farm.... and to be among their family and close friends was so special. I could feel the happiness and love in the air...

Of typical Mardi fashion.....I was in a last minute panic as to what to wear. I had bought a dress over a month ago in Adelaide.... and not tried it on until the day before the wedding....only to discover it looked like a sack and would need altering if I wore it at all.

Briony and I hit the shops on Saturday morning in an attempt to find something more suitable....but that was useless..... so I came home totally miserable....and whining endlessly about how terrible I was going to look.
Finally within an hour or so of the wedding Briony suggested I try on some of her dresses.....and amazingly one fitted..... and whats more it actually looked ok...

I think we kind of scrubbed up ok....
(gotta love the colourbond fence backdrop)
Edited to add: Thanks so much for the lovely compliments....
As for fitting in to Brionys dress....well I have to be thankful for the cut of it..... it was small at the top and had a lovely looser fitting it a rule Briony is almost 2 sizes smaller than me ...and this dress was an 8....unheard of for me.
The piercing??.... well I had that done just before our trip to Melbourne in Feb.....and it takes care of #25 on my 'list' ....Im pleased with tiny speck of sparkle....


  1. You look totally divine Mardi and your other half doesn't look too bad either. Don't you just love having older daughters to go shopping with. They are always brutally honest which is good, well most of the time anyway.

    Leanne xxx

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the bling, I just noticed the bling in your nose, you rock chickadee

  3. aww Mardi you looked lovely:)
    Way to go wearing brionys clothes....:) Since ive been going to the gym i can now fit into size 10 so zoes wardrobe isnt safe LOL

    Piercing looks great,,,,did it hurt much??

  4. Anonymous9:31 pm

    You look FABULOUS. Love your hairband!
    Funnily enough I bought a dress VERY similar to that to wear to my brother's wedding!
    Love your nose stud too!

  5. You look absolutely STUNNING Mardi! SO glad you had a lovely time at the wedding too xx Janelle

  6. Oh you look gorgeous Mardi! Love your cute headband and Briony's dress looks so lovely on you! What a cute couple! :)

    Sheree xx

  7. Mardi, you look so beautiful and of course Ian looks handsome as always..sounds like a beautiful

  8. Wow Mardi you look beautiful!!! How awesome that you could wear one of Briony's dresses!! I bought myself a mega cheap singlet peasant top recently and tassy wears it as a dress - i haven't even worn it yet! lol. I can't wait till we can share clothes.

    When did you get a nosering??

  9. you look fabulous!!!

  10. Oh Mardi you look just gorgeous, the headband looks cute and I so love he bling... you rock

    Have a great week...

    Cherie xx

  11. Anonymous9:52 pm

    You look gorgeous Mardi.

  12. You look beautiful Mardi. Love your hair and the flower.
    Hope you're well

    Nikala xxxx