Days off come to an end....

8 April 2010

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on both my photos of Brent and Alex ..... and their baby news. I somehow seemed to miss making the announcement.... it wasn't intentional..... just a case of thinking I already had....ooops.

It's always tricky sharing news that isn't entirely mine.....I feel its up to them to make the decision on when and how they announce the news.....but obviously by now it is NO secret....and we are all in excitement and anticipation thanks for sharing in that with us.

Well my days off are almost over....and Ill be back to work again bright and early in the morning.
I do feel like I accomplished some things over these few days off though.....I managed to finish off lots of 'works in progress'... which is sort of satisfying that's for sure.

I finished off two stitching projects that Ill share later when I'm able.....

I made good progress on a quilt Ive been making entirely out of scraps..... I have to say I'm not loving it at all yet....but Ill persist and see if it grows on me in the end....
I enjoyed adding to this little mini album that I created for a Boxx newsletter last year....its been sitting patiently waiting for Easter to come along... finally I was able to add in the very first entry.... I think it will be a very sweet book of memories as the years go by..... here is the album.....
...and here is my entry...

I scrapped some layouts ....four in fact.... here is one...

I also finished off my book "Plain Truth".... and started another.... this time I'm reading another Jodi Picoult... titled "House Rules" .

Plus...the mundane stuff....
I cleaned the house from top to bottom...
Washed...folded and ironed....
and baked some delicious meals.... a lamb in tomato garlic sauce in the slow cooker served with steamed vegetables......... then a lasagna made from the leftover tomato lamb sauce...mince and ricotta cheese.... and tonight Ive cooked a chicken dish with mushroom, cauliflower and zucchini in a horseradish and mustard sauce.... it smells delicious.... you can find the recipe (here) ..

Well that's enough rabbiting from me..... time to serve up the chicken and see if it tastes as good as it smells.


  1. Leanne Love9:55 am

    HUGE congrats being sent your way Mardi, you are going to be a granny again. That is soo exciting :-)

    xxx Leanne

  2. Love the idea of that cute little Easter book Mardi. Can't wait to see your quilt all finished! I STILL haven't sat down to try quilting myself..I'll get to it one day! LOL Gorgeous layout as always!

    Sheree xx

  3. Hi Mardi, i am making a quilt myself.....i put it off thinking id make a mistake cutting it out.....hmmmmmm well yep i sure pieces will be like an inch smaller than supposed to be but im thinking i can work with that:) So im not too bothered. Just means the quilt im making to sit on grannys chair that i want to reupholster will be just a bit smaller than expected:)
    I love your material choices, you have such an amazing eye for colour and detail:)


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