Getting close now...

6 April 2010

Some time in the next two to four weeks we will be blessed by another little bundle....we already have a little spot in our hearts just waiting for this new little person to arrive..... another addition to our family..

It seems surreal really....

Will it be pink or blue?
Will it have curly hair and look like Bella?
Will it be placid and easy going like darling bubba Bells is ?

It just seemed all the more real today when we snapped these few photos.....


  1. Wow Mardi, these photos are gorgeous! And I can't believe how soon it is till you will be welcoming the new bubba into your family -what a lucky baby to come into your gorgeous family!! Your shots are beautiful Mardi and so are your kids xx

  2. I love this photos....what a beautiful family....can't wait to meet the kids in you guys so

  3. Gorgeous Photos!
    Hope it is a safe and healthy arrival for them! xxx

  4. Amazing photos Mardi. Wishing all the best and a safe arrival of the new bubba.

  5. Anonymous7:31 pm

    wishing Alex and Brent all the best for the coming weeks. An exciting time for all involved and I love the photos Mardi they are gorgeous.

  6. Oh my gosh Mardi, I must have missed that news! How wonderful for you all to be blessed with another little family member :-)

  7. I'm so excited for you all!!! And what beautiful photos. xx

  8. What gorgeous photos Mardi and what a beautiful family, you must feel so blessed...

    Good luck to Alex and Brent, and I wan't wait to see some photos of the new bubby.

    Cherie xxxx

  9. Love it Mardi Congrats to you and the family :)

    Alex looks wonderful :)
    i thought i had seen a bump in a few pics of her recently ;)
    She does it well :)

    cant wait to hear your good news :)

    love Megan xx

  10. Wow, you kept that a secret! How wonderful. Gorgeous photos. Congrats to you all and can't wait for his/her arrival. Best wishes. xx Sue

  11. Oh wonderful! Those photos are just beautiful Mardi...and how exciting for your whole family it must be waiting for this new little bundle to arrive! Very best wishes to Alex and Brent! I'm looking forward to seeing some pics!! :)

    Sheree xx