4 April 2010

From our family to yours... here's to a safe and happy Easter...

For us.....things have been pretty quiet ....Ian, Mitch, Briony and I have all worked three of the four days....and so at no stage were we all home at the same time..... we are sort of like ships passing in the night.

Although this morning....when Brent and Alex brought Bella around.... it really did feel Eastery.....and we had the opportunity to spend some time together.... Bella gave us lots of laughs and joy as she finally comprehended a little of what Easter was about.....and took part in her very first egg hunt.

The poor sweetie was barely awake when she cracked open her chocolate rabbit.... she was all starey eyed .... still trying to wake up..... she couldn't even hold the rabbit herself.....

Finally she was awake.....and with a little prompting from us .....she discovered the first of her little eggs hidden in the garden.
Auntie Briony had bought her a cute little Easter basket.... and although she liked to carry it around.....she seemed to think it was much more important to collect the eggs in her red wagon...
So with her basket hooked on her arm she busied herself looking for eggs..... with a very excited giggle each time she found one...... then when her hands were full.....she would cart them back to her wagon for safe keeping.

I think all in all.....the egg hunt was highly successful this year..... what do you think?


  1. Happy Easter! So glad to hear you were all able to spend some time together for Bella's first egg hunt this morning! Loving those adorable chocolate covered photos Mardi! Looks like it didn't take her long to get the hang of it! LOL

    Sheree xx

  2. Oh too cute Mardi. :) Don't little ones make it so much more fun. And look at those cute little juicy lips! I hope you had a lovely Easter!

  3. Happy Easter to you Mardi and your family xoxox

    How gorgeous is Bella, she is just so adorable with her cute curly hair.

    Cherie xoxoxo

  4. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Aww mardi bella is just too gorgeous! happy easter xx

  5. Allie4:45 pm

    Oh how gorgeous. Having a little one for her first egg hunt would have made your Easter very special. I wonder if she will look for eggs each time she comes around LOL.

  6. oh sweetest egg hunter ever!!!!!! need a warning for how cute this post is! Happy belated easter

  7. She is just adorable!! Happy Easter..x