A very cool new class....

17 April 2010

....has opened at the @Home site...

This was such a buzz to create....its something quite different....and Lorraine has done an wonderful job coaxing the artist out of us....

Here is what Kim has to say...
"I am thrilled to announce our @Home guest tutor is the very talented and lovely to work with LORRAINE VIDLER who joins our team for the very first time with her fresh and funky new online workshop Draw ME...Please!

So. What’s this class all about?

Well this workshop came about waaaay back in November at our @Home Retreat when Lorraine won our name badge competition with her gorgeously beautiful fabric name tag.

I loved the painted and stitched and padded “Self Portrait” of Lorraine, complete with funky glasses and beautifully shaded and toned hair! It was divine.

So then I got to thinking - I was keen to know how Lorraine created her little self portrait tag and IF I was keen to know then of course our @Home participants would surely love to know as well.

After some emailing back and forth Lorraine’s very first workshop - Draw ME…Please! came to life.

Read more or book in by clicking here....OH and don't forget to take advantage of our early bird pricing offer - limited time though so act fast! "

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    Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions