Layouts to share...

10 May 2010

It seems ages since Ive shared layouts....
I have been creating.....but not a lot to be shared just yet..... but these couple can....

This one of course was created before before darling Brooke was born......

....and this one of Miss Bella and her dinner eating antics.... also recognisable as my blog banner.... I loved the bright colours....and that gorgeous crochet flower....courtesy of Janelle....


  1. Gorgeous layouts Mardi, I love your style xx

  2. Allie3:43 pm

    I'll ditto Janelle here LOL - love your style so much Mardi. It always feels warm and cosy to me, a bit like a lovely handmade quilt :-)

  3. Love these Mardi. The pic of Bella is just sooooo funny!!! I love that!!

    I love what Allie said. :) SAME!

  4. Two super sweet layouts...and that second one cracks me up!!!! LOL Love them both Mardi!

    Sheree xx

  5. Miss Bella is so funny! Gorgeous Mardi!