There are rules you know....

8 May 2010

...and the RULES according to Bella are..... Brookies head must be hat free and ready to be kissed at all times!
So.....even if you think you are being sneaky..... and pop it on when she isn't looking....her little radar blips.....and she races over....removes it and hands it to you to put up nicely..... then she bends over ever so carefully and lands another juicy Bella kiss to the top of Brooke's head.
We have suggested that maybe the cheek is a great spot for a kiss.... but has to be the top of the head...its the hat is not a wardrobe option.

We did manage to get a photo of her in it though..... before it was removed as per 'the rules'
(I needed to add in another row of crochet to make the hat longer.... and so Ive since moved the flower back down closer to the brim....)

I also wanted to mention the absolutley gorgeous little top you can see in this photo....Brooke was so spoilt when a beautiful package arrived in the mail from Emily and Janelle.... darling Emily had bought Brooke a present with her own savings..... and we just adored it....

Another attempt at some nice photos of Brooke....

(Our Bells....she's a funny little thing....she wont stay still for photos of her.... and yet ..she cant keep her head out of photos of Brooke....)

Aww.... she is so cute....and growing so fast.... Alex said that she had gained 400g this week... that's a terrific gain...


  1. OOH how gorgeous is Bella, she makes me laugh with her gorgeous personality. And how beautiful is Brooke too! Good on Alex for being such a wonderful little mumma too. Thanks SO much for sharing photos of the outfit, she looks gorgeous in them. xx Janelle

  2. What beautiful grandaughters Mardi...
    Brooke looks so sweet with her little crocheted hat...

    Cherie xx

  3. LOL How funny is little Bella! You must have many giggles watching the things she does! Loving the super sweet pics Mardi! SO cute!

    Sheree xx

  4. I couldn't help letting out an audible "awwwwwwww" when I saw the first photo. That is just gorgeous. And I LOVE the hat!!! Absolutely beautiful!

    How cute is Bella! That is sooooooo adorable.

  5. The girls are just beautiful....and I love "the rules"......

  6. your adorable little granddaughters are soo cute Mardi im in love again ;)

    love your little hat, being handy with the crochett hooks you might need to whip them up one of these too, soo very cute i got the bunny ones for Jemma for easter too cute :)

    chat to you soon
    Megan xx

  7. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Sooooo cute. Sending BIG congrats to all of you for another beautiful addition to the family.

    How exciting!!!!

    From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.