Mums are allowed to be annoyed right?

27 May 2010

If you read my earlier post.... you will understand....

The latest work roster came out....and Briony had a ridiculous 21 hours a week for the next two weeks..... almost as much as some of the full time staff..... and we have to remember this is on top of school.....a TafeSA and a research is just too much....

So.... she approached them to ask for less hours in future..... which they agreed too.... no problems there.....but then when she explained that she wanted Tuesday nights free for netball training..... her supervisor on that night.... told her to get her priorities right! ....and that she herself had given up sport at 15 because SHE knew her priorities.....

Now am I wrong in feeling annoyed by this?

In our house we feel sport is important for kids..... and when you work so hard at school and then squeeze in an after school job...isn't it a blessing that you have an outlet that you enjoy.....a highlight in the week?

Now I realise and understand that the Supervisor that night was probably just venting her frustration..... she has a responsibility to make sure her staffing levels are correct.....lets face it... juggling kids with all their commitments mustn't be easy..... but if you are going to employ the type of kids that perform well at the job.... you are going to find they are also high performers in other areas......and so allowances need to be made.

Thats it..... off my soapbox now......


  1. How beautiful are the girls in this photo, Briony is absolutely stunning. Mardi you have every right to be upset at the supervisors comment, that must have made Briony feel pretty bad too. I agree that sport is so important in your life and is such a great outlet for some people. Chin up Mardi as I am sure it will work out exactly how it is meant to. Have faith
    xx Leanne xx

  2. Allie5:33 pm

    That would make me mad too Mardi. I agree that kids do need an outlet when they are studying & working and it would be good if employers could understand this. Yes it does make rosters hard to juggle but most kids that do have these other commitments are also the kids that are very reliable workers too. I hope it can all be worked out.

  3. You're kidding me Mardi? You'd think that knowing what a hardworking, reliable worker she is that they'd be happy to grant her this one little request!? I don't blame you for feeling angry and frustrated about it. Maybe the supervisor was just having a bad night... Hope it all works out ok.

    Sheree xx

  4. Oh, poor Briony, that's just mean, it's not like she was making any ridiculous demands, she left her with plenty of other options. I hope it gets sorted out quickly. Those photos are gorgeous, Briony is such a stunning girl!

  5. Hi Mardi, just catching up on all my favourite blogs. I am so tired of people just being mean rather than discussing things sensibly and professionally-yes i have my own issues here. Briony seems so sweet and sensible, hard working too so it's doubly unfair when you know she's a great kid! It's SO important to have a good balance in life and that's what you are teaching her here. I hope it works out and she is able to get her Tuesdays free for sport.
    ps loved seeing all your lovely lo's. thanks for favourite today...hanging with pop-too special!