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28 May 2010

This weeks challenge was ---SKY

I must admit I initially thought this might be a little tricky..... there are only so many ways to jazz up a blue sky.....and we get very little of anything else....

But amazingly ....just the week I was gazing upward at every moment.....I was sent a beautiful storm and rainbow....

Funny thing was.....I was shopping at the time.....and I noticed it through the shop window..... so imagine me..... down the street.... desperately trying to capture an interesting sky shot.....and my camera is at home... I was hopping up and down like I had ants in my pants.... trying to get served as quickly as possible.....

I don't think Ive ever rushed home quicker..... screeching into the driveway.....and rushing to grab the camera before that rainbow faded away.....
So pleased it held on for me....


  1. I love the vivid colors! Glad you got home in time to grab the camera.

  2. Worth racing home for Mardi, wonderful photos...

  3. ooooh i love that second shot! beautiful! so glad you made it home :)

  4. Glad you got it! The night of our rehearsal dinner there was a tornado (go figure) and after it was done when went outside and there was a huge rainbow. We figured that was a good sign!

  5. Perfect Mardi, I am so glad you managed to capture it in time as it is just beautiful.
    xx Leanne

  6. These are amazing... great sky photos!

  7. Wow Mardi...stunning pics! I'm having a giggle and the thought of you jumping up and down like you had ants in your pants...Hee hee hee

    Sheree xx

  8. This is gorgeous Mardi. The funny thing is, driving home in the car this afternoon my daughter asked me how you can capture a have just shown me how.

  9. WOW!! Mardi! Just amazing! That hopping must have done the trick!! LOL!

  10. WOW Mardi, now that is ONE amazing sky. Absolutely worth racing home for. Love it! xx Janelle

  11. wow! what amazing shots. Love it
    Do visit me


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