Whats happening around here....

20 May 2010

I thought for families sake....that I was long overdue for a dot point of the day to day happenings around here.....

So...in no order in particular.... and just as they pop in me head....here's our story...

Briony has started back at netball..... of their first two games they have lost both.....although they've been very close.....and I'm sure they will have success this year.
(Yep that's her...second from the left.... just a little chitty chat)
Bella has a sleep over at Nan and Pops while Mummy and Daddy went to a wedding.... she was so pleased with herself as she dragged her own bag in the door....Sleep overs are fun! Mitch and Meg cooked dinner one night ..... and it was delicious... Meg works at a Cafe.... and Mitch has been working there on weekends as well.....so we have been promised some lovely meals in the future.....I'm holding them to it too...lol Little Brooke has grown and grown.....she is such a good baby.....she just feeds and sleeps..... Alex is such a cruisy Mummy.... and I'm sure her relaxed vibe is what makes both Bella and Brooke so calm and happy as well. (Plus obviously a little luck...as I'm well aware that some babies are just not easy....and it has nothing to do with the Mummy)
I can honestly say I'm not a fan of cold weather.....I hate it!!...but there is something nice about sitting in your jammies in the evenings....with crochet on your lap.....so this is where Ive been most evenings of late... (Yes its a mess... and the quilt you can see is one Ive been working on for Briony for months now.....I'm finally finished....the last of the binding was hand stitched last night)
Mitch has started back at footy training.....he hasn't played a game yet as he works most weekends at Craggs creek restaurant...but at least he is training.

Brent spent last week away in Adelaide at Trade school....Alex and the girls missed him so much.....I'm sure they are all much happier this week with life back to normal.

Ive been continuing at the gym....I don't always get there because of my shift work...but I try to make it as often as possible.

Ian and I have been walking every day...sometimes twice in a day....we have both got fitter and lighter...which is wonderful.

Mitch has spent the last couple of days home sick with a chest / head bug.... thankfully her went back to work today.

We have had some lovely social events on our calendar

...firstly a 50th birthday which was a great night.... we weren't home until 3am

....then I was very spoilt when Keryn invited me along on her Mothers Day present...a night out at the theatre for an ABBA tribute.....we had a delicious meal at a local restaurant then bopped the evening away to all the old ABBA favourites.

...this weekend we are at the other end of the scale and heading to an 18th.

I'm sure there has been so much more happening than this..... life has felt like its in overdrive for weeks now.... but this will do for this post....

Back soon with Brionys finally completed quilt!


  1. Wow you guys have certainly been busy. It is great that everyone is happy and healthy

    Leanne xxx

  2. So much going on at your place Mardi! Great pics...love the one of little Bella with her bag... how cute! Looking forward to seeing more of Briony's quilt!

    Sheree xx

  3. I loved your update Mardi. You have such a lovely family - so special. Briony's quilt looks gorgeous! I thought you weren't too keen on it!!