Year eleven

13 May 2010

I'm just like all other Mums out there... I'm proud of my kids and their achievements.....

But....this year....I cant help but be exceptionally proud of Briony and her ability to cope with not only the workload of year eleven.....but also a Tafe and sport.

We have had some moments in the last few weeks where the burden of homework has seemed just too much..... we have worked together to come up with strategies to help stay on top...and somehow she manages to get it done......and for that we are very proud.

So.....for the record when we look back.....

Her Year eleven subjects are
Voc studies

as well as a Research Project on her chosen subject Photography

Then one full day a week she travels to Renmark for her TafeSA course ...she is studying Cert III in Childrens Services.... then another full day a week she does a work placement at the Primary school as part of her TafeSA course.

This leaves only three school days to catch up on all the other subjects..... complete the homework assignments for her tafe course..... and get her research project done.

Plus....add to that after school and weekend work at the Supermarket...often up to 18 hours a week....and Netball Saturdays....and training Tuesday nights....

Im tired thinking about it.....


  1. Wow! I remember what it was like when my daughters did yr 11 and 12 they didn't have the Tafe course thank goodness. Obviously she gets her strength and grace from her supportive parents, at the risk of sounding soppy you have done an amazing job. It is a hard road ahead with all the stress but I am sure that you will all get through it. Good luck Briony I know you will do well.

  2. Wow! Well done Briony. You should both be very proud! That's quite an achievement.

  3. Way to go Briony, what a heavy workload but you seem to be coping with it and that is brilliant. Keep it up chickadee.....

  4. WOW!! That's a huge workload but it sounds like Briony's doing an AMAZING job keeping up with it all! Wishing her all the best for the rest of the year!

    Sheree xx

  5. Far out Briony, do you get any time to sleep sweetie? You're amazing girl!

  6. she is truly inspirational....just like her mum......xxxx

  7. Well done Briony, you are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work and you will go far.

    Cherie xx

  8. Oh Gosh! That is making my life seem quite relaxed!

    I really love how school is now incorporating Tafe studies and work placement.

    Good luck Briony, and I am sure you will get through it all and come out the other side releived and happy that you did it.

  9. Kassi Richards10:27 am

    Just wanted to say that new blog banner is STUNNING!!!! Wanna design me a new one!!! LOL!!!!

  10. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Hi Mardi

    Long time - no chat. Sorry for not keeping in touch. I've not been reading many blogs over the last year but have been slowing trying to catch up on all my Boxx friends news again.

    Thinking of Briony and her big workload after reading your recent post. I hope she somehow finds time to relax and have some fun in between all that school work.

    She sounds amazing! Sending some positive vibes her way.

    Have a great week. Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

  11. Briony is pretty damn awesome. Not that I need to tell you that. But even *I* am proud of her and we've never met!