Our 2010- April

14 May 2010

I'm loving putting together this pictorial album of our 2010 ... and trying very hard to keep on top of it too.....

So here is our April....

Among the highlights....
Brooke was born
Balloon flight
Visit from Granny and Grumps
Locust plague
Trip to Adelaide overnight


  1. Mardi I'm really enjoying seeing these pages of yours...they're such a great idea! They're fantastic!

    Sheree xx
    ps.. LOVE your new blog header! That pic is so sweet!

  2. Hi Mardi...I love your layout of April and what a beautiful album you are going to have when you put all the months together...have a super weekend....love ....xxxx

  3. I really love your monthly layouts Mardi. I loved doing Snippets last year and I'm kinda thinking I should have done what you're doing this year!