D.I.A- Day Five - Top for Bella

4 June 2010

Another tick on my list... this cute little top for Bella.....

It was made from this pattern at 'Make your own baby stuff' ... silly me didnt add in enough fabric for the length so it was initially too short....

Mmmm..... what to do....

Add a frill?

Add another panel?

Starrt from scratch?

In the end I added in a piece of recycled trim..... it was possibly from a dress of mine when I was small.... seeing as it came from a bag of goodies from Mum years ago. (actually on second thoughts....I doubt it would have been mine....apparently I wasnt much of a dress wearer)

I was happy with the result.... and Bella seemed to like it too.

Yep!..... so pleased I ridded these hats of the green and pink flowers......these look oh so much better....
Im pretty sure Brooke is giving us 'the look' ...the 'dont take your eyes off me Mummy' look.....

Bella loves her 'Book' so much .... but when she has had enough of a cuddle....she will just push her out of the way.... lol
Ohh and we still have to follow 'the rules' ...Brooke must not cover her head with a hat.....Bella cant kiss a hat.... so she must have bare kissable skin at all times.
Then becasue I was really dissapointed with my previous bibs......I made some more....I likethese a lot better.....same pattern.....


  1. Love the cute top Mardi...and the trim finishes it off beautifully! Those pics of the girls are just SO sweet!! Great job on the new bibs too! You're too clever!

    Sheree xx

  2. hi
    Loving your blog.would love to make the beanie with the scalloped edge for my 6 month old but having trouble finding a pattern...any chance of posting one thx...
    regards Maria

  3. Anonymous10:13 am

    Ahhh! the top is gorgeous Mardi, love the beanies too. Beautiful photos of the girls also.
    Lorraine V

  4. Oh WOWEE Mardi, your top is gorgeous and look at little Bella in it. How cute does she look with her pretty new top and piggy tails. You can see how much she loves her new top by the smile on her face. And love the white flowers on the beanies too. AND the bibs are just as gorgeous as your first ones - love them all xxx

  5. hi again ...well if i'd only had a good look i would have found it...so please disregard my last message ... the top looks great and bibs are fantastic.

  6. jane fitchett12:25 pm

    aww- love the top- everything youve done is fabulous! im going to have to find time to make the camera strap soon i think!
    what is the necklace youre wearing in the photo with Janelles book? looks really cute:)

  7. Mardi, that top is just the sweetest, the trim just finishes it off!!
    You are so clever and the photos are as always just gorgeous!!!

    Enjoy Sunday, really wish I could be there!
    Cherie xx

  8. oh mardi, what a busy girl you've been and what an inspiration. i LOVE this little top especially and i LOVE the photos of your sweet model even more-oh those piggies and those little puckered lips! GORGEOUS!

  9. these are gorgeous Mardi!! I always look at your blog but don't comment but you have really inspired me to start finishing all my unfinished projects.I cannot believe how good you all are picking up so many crafts. Awesome!!! I am going to try but we will see. LOL

    Mel xx

  10. Mardi! That top is just divine! She looks so chic in it! You are inspiring me, I love handmade bubby clothes, I'm going to check out that site :)