D.I.A.- Day six - Pimping the Beastie

5 June 2010

Today was time for a little project for Briony.... or actually her car (fondly nicknamed the beastie). I used this great little tutorial from Puking Pastilles .... and now she has this bright and colourful CD storage right at her fingertips.

Then we thought it might be pretty cool to have a matching lanyard for her keys....

Have a great weekend everyone.....I hope you are getting a chance to work on your to-do lists too. I am delighted to have inspired at least a couple of girls to create.... post on that coming soon...xx


  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    hi Mardi,

    I've loved stopping by here this week and seeing what you have been up to, gorgeous things! you have done a great job getting all these done this week!! Jodie x

  2. I love the CD holder Mardi - so colourful and such a great way to use up some scraps of fabric!!!

  3. Love the fabrics in this CD holder, what an awesome gift for a new car owner too!!
    Love it!

  4. The CD holder is fantastic, and such a funky fashion statement in those gorgeous fabrics!

    You have inspired me so much this week Mardi...thank you :) I've been to Spotlight this morning to stock up on a couple of extra supplies I need to complete my D.I.A. projects...hoping to get my sewing machine humming again this afternoon.

  5. Love them Mardi! Very cool ideas. Such a great mix of fabrics. :)

    Sheree xx

  6. These are awesome Mardi! You have been MEGA productive this week. You should be thrilled with what you've achieved!!

  7. well haven't you been a busy bee this week!

    I am loving reading about and seeing your creations. I LOVE the CD holder - so much so I want to make one for me!!! It's turned out beautifully you clever thing!


  8. Love it Mardi...Beautiful fabrics

    You are an inspiration, I don't know how you do it???

    Cherie xx

  9. Anonymous8:34 pm

    oOOo I love the CD case! Gorgeous stitching Mardi :) I might have to make one for my car!

  10. The CD holder is fantastic! Awesome job!