D.I.A - Day Four - Camera Strap

3 June 2010

Now this really has been on my to-do list in ages..... and it was such a quick project I really have no idea why I didn't attack it sooner.

There are some great tutorials out there...... like this one at 'Made by Petchy' or the one I used at 'Make it and Love it' - I loved that this particular one was made from scraps....even though some of mine weren't scraps as such....as I couldn't resist adding in a few bits of my new fabrics....

More projects in the pipeline.... including some more bibs.....

Yep....I'm persistent... I don't like things to beat me.....and because I wasn't happy..... they just HAD to be made again....


  1. Oooh cute camera strap Mardi! Thanks for the links...I've been wanting to make one for ages..love that yours is made from scraps!

    Sheree xx

  2. OmGosh! You are powering through your projects! Gorgeous camera strap!!

  3. LOVE your camera strap Mardi, you are SUPER clever. Thanks for being SO inspiring xx Janelle

  4. Love all of the fabrics you have used Mardi!!!

  5. Love this, Mardi! Thanks for the links, I am going to make one for myself, probably not as cute as yours though!