Sheer delight....

3 June 2010

Edited to add : Yes Yvette I really was wearing that today....hehe...... I did have jeans on though....and our house is warm..... but the blue skies and sunshine outside were beautiful. I HATE the cold so much....I feel for you ... I wouldnt want to get out of bed...

There was sheer delight here this morning ...when my much awaited copy of Janelles brand new book ' Pieces of me' arrived.
It was truly surreal to flip through the pages..... I loved it even more than I thought possible.

I'm so proud of Janelle and her beautiful book.....its cheerful and happy.....and the photos alone put a smile on my face.

Its definitely cuppa time here... I have a date with the couch....a cuppa and my brand new book full of eye candy.

(fauxlaroid frame -by Nisa Fiin)


  1. not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair....LOL! How exciting...mine will be a few days away I think :(

  2. Oh Bless you Mardi, you are the best friend, thank you. I am SO thrilled that you love it. xxx Janelle

  3. hee hee! I'd be excited too!!

  4. LOL Oooh that'll be me very soon when my copy arrives!!! How exciting!!!! I'm sure you just can't put it down Mardi!

    Sheree xx

  5. How'd you get one so fast!!!!! I can't wait for mine but it won't be till at least next week! Don't tease!!!

    BTW... were you really wearing that today? I was wearing gloves, beanie and an overcoat!!!

  6. yeah, I was coming in here to ask exactly the same as Yvette. How is it that you're just wearing a t-shirt. I know that a few hundred kms separate us, but jimminy it was cold down here in Adelaide this morning!

    Congrats to Janelle on her book :)

  7. Wow! It looks gorgeous!