D.I.A - Day two - crochet hats

1 June 2010

I tell you something...even though I love to crochet hats.....and Ive crocheted a lot lately...I do a fair amount of un-pulling too!

I have these visions in my head of what I want them to look like....and Ive found the patterns aren't always that easy to size..... so I'm working by a crochet and 'try for size' method at the moment....which means Ive ended up making and remaking these hats a few times to get the sizes right...

Please note.... I hated..and I mean hated....the green and pink flower I added to these......so Ive crocheted plain white flowers as replacements......Ive swapped over Brookes.....but still need to track down Bella's hat so I can change hers too.

So this was Bella's first hat - I used this pattern here... at Suzies yarnie stuff ...I did add a few extra rows of granny stitch....and the single crochet rows too.... I'm sure Bella has a big head as all the patterns Ive tried so far are too short on her...lol

Then there is Alex's hat..... its another version of the slouchy beret - the pattern is from Crafty Pants blog- here
I really like this pattern.....its easy to follow and seems to be a great fit....and I haven't ever had to un-pull either.... I'm working on another one which is almost done...this time for Meg (then maybe one for Mardi?)

...and a better in focus shot.... just in case you were beginning to wonder if you needed your eyes checked...

Next is a mini one for darling Brooke....I used a mesh skull cap pattern from luv2crochet.com

Another very easy pattern to follow....I think Brooke liked it.... it sent her off to sleep ...so I guess that's a good thing....

I'm already excited about sharing my next project......I just need to finish off the appliques and Ill be done....


  1. Oh, these are gorgeous!! I love bella's hat, might have to try it out myself.. and i think the green and pink flowers are sweet :)

  2. I'm absolutely loving your hats Mardi! I actually like the green flowers but white ones will look gorgeous too. :) Can't wait to see what your next project is!

    Sheree xx

  3. Anonymous1:21 pm

    yep i agree with the girls the green and pink flowers are really sweet
    well done clever girl i have just recently learnt to crochet and its no so great ! my flowers are a bit lopsided and some parts were too tight but i think i will get the hang of it !
    bridge x

  4. They are all absolutely gorgeous Mardi...

    Can't wait to see the next project

    Cherie xx