Dreams in Action (D.I.A) - Day one - Banners

31 May 2010

Ive had to be firm with myself... I'm so easily distracted by the computer and the lure of bloglines......but after a very firm "Mardi !!....back away from the computer!"....Ive managed to resist the urge for this morning....

So I'm popping in to share my first 'Dreams in Action' project ... fabric banners..... (well spotted Lea...hehe)

Now what girl doesn't need a fabric banner to brighten up her room? .... and after a recent revamp which I documented here .... we decided a banner would brighten up the white wall above her bed beautifully.

Then I was sort of sad that Id finished the banner project .... so I whipped up another for the wall in my craft room....
They are such an easy way to add some colour and fun to the room.....

I created my own template.... then cut two triangles and stitched them together with right sides out..... trimmed the edges with pinking shears ( a part of me had just been longing to use pinking shears.... Mum had recently surprised me with a pair and I love them) .... once my triangles were complete I stitched them to a length of ribbon and I was done.

Its so nice to tick 'fabric banners' off my list....

I'm still motivated to stay on track.....and like all Mums and crafters out there...I have more than one project on the go at a time...... here is a peak of a couple that are almost done....

I would LOVE if anyone wanted to join me..... and perhaps have your own 'dreams in action week' ... if so .... I'd be thrilled if you left me a comment with a link to a photo of your project.....and then if you were happy...maybe I could share ....... so that everyone could enjoy them.


  1. WOW Mardi, your fabric banners look amazing!! I LOVE them and will be adding them to my 'wish list' of things to create too. Thank you for sharing this lovely idea with us. You are SO clever!! xx

  2. I LOVE them! They look fantastic Mardi and really do brighten up the rooms! I'd love to start ticking things off my to-do list...will see how I go with little Miss M...maybe I'll get a few things done too this week?

    Sheree xx

  3. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Your banners look fantastic Mardi. I know exactly what you mean about collecting inspiration and not acting on them. I am guilty of doing exactly that!!! at present I am crocheting a blanket..hopefully to be finished before summer hits.LOL Love your idea of doing a mini challenge list for yourself, I think I should start to make one a week and see how I go. Thanks again for sharing.
    Lorraine V

  4. Oh I just love your fabric banners Mardi, so bright and beautiful - thanks for sharing and yes now I want some in my craft room too...lol

  5. Oh the banners are gorgeous Mardi! I love the colours and I'm so happy you whipped them up just like that! Grea start to the week. :) I love your craft room too! Oh how I would love a craft room... even just any room to decorate to my own tastes actually lol.

  6. I already have a "wish list" of things to make...and now I have to add banners to it LOL! Yours look fabulous Mardi...so cheery and bright! Will let you know if I get off my butt and finish something on my list :)

  7. OK...have now made myself a banner :)

    Thanks for the nudge...not sure what I am going to attack next!

  8. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I am crocheting a pink, green and white blanket - although its not going to be finished in a week I am getting quite a lot done every night and this is something that i WANT to finish, so I'd like to share this :)
    I guess someone could be inspired to make one in a week or two the size of a small lap blanket ;)