Just call me the... 'crazy hat lady' ...

21 June 2010

Ive decided hats are sort of like 'pringles' .... once you pop (start) ....you just cant stop..... although it seems each time I think Ive caught up.....another order comes in..... and the hook comes out again.....

So here we have a nice black slouch hat for Meggles.... it goes so well with her nice bright hair ... we love our 'rock chick' Meg....

Then I made a couple more for new baby Alura (my niece Rachael and Shane added to their family last weekend with a new darling little girl)
Brookie modelled them for me before we wrapped them up ....
...because of course we had to see that they would fit.....which might I add.....they didn't...lol
So.... a smaller one is almost done.... and she will have a couple to grow into in coming weeks....

Then..... finally one for me ... mines another version of the slouch hat.... but with a flower added to the side....

So that's it for now from the crazy crochet lady.....

edited to add - (Awww thanks for the comments girls... I should just clarify though......as much as Id like to..... Im not that good of a crocheter that I would be able to make them to sell..... the orders I mentioned were all from family who dont seem to mind if I need to 'try for size' during the making process.... lol However....if I get really good at sizing.... and I end up with any extras.....my blog readers will be first to know...x)
I have now added the link to the slouch hat pattern to this post...... I normally include all links but as I had blogged versions of this hat previously I kinda left it out this time.....sorry....all fixed now.


  1. Anonymous3:21 pm

    oh Mardi you are super clever
    how much do you charge for your slouch hats?? adult and kids

  2. WOW Mardi, ALL of your hats are totally gorgeous BUT I am totally loving yours. You look stunning and it is a beautiful hat. Got any room in your family for another 'family' member?? xx

  3. Gotta luv the "crazy hat lady" - way to go girl they look fab - if only I could follow the YOUTUBE "how to crochet" would love to step up from plain knitting...LOL

  4. Clever you Mardi! We love hats in this house :) I've put Zoƫ to task of making some - so far her attempts are very nice for dolls and the new baby next door - she says our heads are too big lol.

  5. LOL Your hat all look fabulous!!! Love the one you've just made for yourself with the flower...very nice!

    S xx

  6. hiya crazy hat lady! they all look just lovely. aww look at that little chubba bubba model.

  7. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Your hats are gorgeous Mardi, I LOVE yours....especially the colour, it looks gorgeous on you.

    Lorraine V

  8. Hi Mardie, was wondering if you have a pattern that you use.
    Your slouch hats are gorgeous.


  9. Anonymous4:24 pm

    They are gorgeous Mardi!!!